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Process management in the UL
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When creating quality management system, it is important to build up an common understanding of the process performance in the UL, thus, an optimum process management system should be established. In order to achieve this goal, the UL has chosen internationally acknowledged process management software for modeling and browsing of the UL processes. Development and management of the UL processes is carried out in the UL process management model LU QuPeRs.

The UL processes are structured in several levels by specifying processes into sub-processes. Functionally UL processes are divided into:

1) management processes – processes related to general management activities,

2) core processes – UL core business activities,

3) support processes – processes, which provide necessary resources for core business activities.

Identification of the processes, their structuration, development, effectiveness measurement, analyzing and improvement activities are set out in the UL process management procedure, as well as illustrated in LU QuPeRs.