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The Flag of the University of Latvia
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There are two golden symbols embroidered on the dark blue silk of the UL flag: on the right side – the large National Emblem of the Republic of Latvia, on the left side – the University of Latvia emblem. In the center of the university emblem, there is an oak with twelve branches. Small shields in gothic form with emblems of faculties surround the oak’s crown in a semi-circle. From the bottom, the composition is completed by the university’s slogan in Latin – Scientiae et Patriae.

The University of Latvia already had its own flag in the early thirties. It is known that, on June 17, 1933, the UL Student Choir Association asked the dean to make the university flag available for the song festival in Estonia; however, after that, no information has been found about this flag.

In the UL Council meeting on October 20, 1937, a decision was made to purchase a new flag.  The university decoration committee was assigned to do preparatory work for the creation of a flag. The flag was made, and the consecration of the new flag took place on November 16, 1938 in the Great Hall of the University of Latvia. Until 1940, the flag functioned as the symbol of unity of UL. Later it was given to the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation. In the early nineties, this flag served as a model when a new university flag was made, which was consecrated on August 30, 1991.