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Museum of Zoology
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Adress: Kronvalda blvd. 4, Riga, LV-1586
Phone: +371 67034881
Head: Aivars Petriņš

The museum personnel offer consultations in entomology, malacology and ornithology issues. The museum can be visited not only by students of biology or other specialties but also by would be students as well as anyone interested in nature.

The museum was founded in 1920, when Systematic Zoology Institute and Comparative Anatomy and Experimental Zoology Institute were established in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Its basic zoological preparations were taken from the Zoology and Pisciculture collections of Riga Polytechnic Institute.

The first entry in the inventory book was made in 1920 and since then many exhibits have enlarged the Museum’s collection.

The most outstanding exhibits from the past include:

  • Stuffed wild boar donated by Jānis Čakste, the President of Latvia;
  • Birds’ skin collection donated by Baron H.Laudon;
  • Mollusk collections donated by H.Šlešs, H.Pētersons and Ā.Butulis;
  • Wide collections of insects, including butterflies from K.Bong, butterflies and bugs from J.von Kennel and K.Zīberts, bugs from A.Vāls and E.Reiters, European butterflies from J.Nolkens.

The most outstanding acquisitions after the World War II are as follows:

  • Insect collection from E.Ozols and museum personnel V.Šmits and V.Tumšs;
  • Enlarged birds’ skin and egg collections;
  • Birds’ exhibition;
  • Submarines of the Pacific Ocean collected by A.Slaņķis.