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F. Zander’s Memorial Museum of Space Exploration
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Adress: Raiņa Boulevard 19, Riga LV-1586
Head: Gunta Vilka
Phone: +371 67034565

For visitors:

Groups and individual visitors are welcome on every working day by arranging an appointment by phone +37167034565, +37126539970.

Exhibition is open for public since February, 2005 in University of Latvia premises in Raiņa Boulevard 19. This museum was created by taking the majority of exhibition from Zander’s memorial house in Candera Street 1, which is a private property now. The museum was founded in 1987, in honour of centennial anniversary of Friedrich Zander (Latvian spelling: Canders), pioneer of constructing space rockets (1887-1933). Now the exhibition is displayed in his Alma Mater building in Raiņa Boulevard 19, where the young engineer was studying in Riga Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Mechanics (1907-1914). The Astronomical Tower of the University of Latvia is available for visitors there as well.

The following is provided in Zander’s Memorial Museum of Sspace Exploration, University of Latvia:

  • The greatest collection of meteorites in Baltic. There are old astronomical instruments, antique star maps and old astronomical books in the museum.
  • The exhibition on the 40 years of Astronautics displays space exploration in the past century in detail and provides information on the newest achievements in space exploration.
  • Exhibition devoted to Friedrich Zander – the father of  space rockets, who lived in Riga. It was in Riga where he got his ideas of space flights and started his independent scientific research.
  • Two of the greatest telescopes are available in the Astronomical Tower. By visiting the museum In daytime, visitors can observe the Sun, or, when it is cloudy – Riga sights.

Entry fees: Ls 1.00; Ls 0.50 for pupils, students and retirees. Free of charge for students of UL.

Address: Raiņa Boulevard 19, Riga LV-1586

The manager and guide in the museum is Gunta Vilka, phone: +37167034565, +37126539970, email: