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Each year, in advance of the student festival known as “Aristotle,” the Faculty of Social Sciences organises an event for incoming students that is called “pre-Aristotle.”  Experienced students tell the new students about what they can expect, and the event also gives them an opportunity to meet members of the faculty, the self-governing body for students, and administrators in the faculty.  The new students also become involved in preparations for the “Aristotle” parade.  They have to be able to sing songs, shout out slogans, and prepare a specific visual image for their group.

The annual “SZF Days” event involves various anniversaries at the faculty, and new students are initiated.

There is another tradition at the faculty – readings of social texts and performance of songs during Poetry Days, as well as the “Blooming Cherry” evening of creative projects, various Christmastime charity projects, and a day when everyone is asked to donate blood.  All of this is a key part of the faculty’s life.