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The upholding of traditions at the Faculty of Law is ensured by the students themselves. Each autumn the Student Council of the Faculty of Law calls the new students together for the annual basketball match against the professors and gathers the whole Faculty for the annual Young Lawyer's Ball. However the Spring term is always dedicated for taking part and organising moot court competitions on national and international level, as well.

Practical activities in the form of moot courts are an important part of the study process. For more than fifteen years students from the Faculty of Law have done well in moot court competitions in Latvia and also internationally. They have taken part in international competitions focused on European Union law, international public, trade and foreign invenstment law, human rights and media law. However on the national level our students excel in the Professor Kārlis Dišlers' Constitutional Law Moot, Professor Pauls Mincs Criminal Law Moot, Civil Law and Administrative Law Moot Court competitions.