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Department of Organic Chemistry
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Adress: Jelgavas street 1, LV-1004, Riga
: +371 67033900
: prof. Andris Zicmanis

Academic staff
Professor Andris Zicmanis;
Associate professor Anda Prikšāne;
Associate professor Ida Jākobsone;
Associate professor Dagnija Cēdere;
Assistant professor Jāzeps Logins;
Assistant professor Igors Kļimenkovs;
Assistant professor Aira Krūmiņa;

The main research direction of the chair is the search of contemporary methods of organic synthesis. During last 6 years, investigations are developed in this sphere about environmentally friendly and harmless materials – ionic liquids in order to replace by them noxious and quite frequently dangerous organic solvents. Different factors are investigated that affect transformations of organic substances in ionic liquid media, the most significant one being the possibility to adapt the structure of ionic liquids to every particular application need in the very best way, as well as to develop biodegradable and marginally toxic ionic liquids (leader A. Zicmanis). Next to it, the chair is involved in the evaluation of the quality of food, including analyses of noxious substances in it (leader I. Jākobsone).

Collaboration partners:

Research activities in the department are interconnected with the Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), Bologna University (Italy), the Chemnitz Technical University (Germany), the Lyon 1st University (France).

Research activities of the chair include the accomplishment of several research projects. The most significant between them are the following ones:
1. Synthesis, characterization and application of new task specific ionic liquids.
2. Nucleophilic reactions of ambident anions in ionic liquid media.
3. Investigation of regularities of the influence of ionic liquids – environmentally friendly solvents on the transformation process of heterocyclic compounds.

Significant research papers:
1. Zicmanis, S. Pavlovica, E. Gzibovska, P. Mekss. - 2-Hydroxyethylammonium carboxylates – catalysts and reaction media for condensation reactions. - Innovations and Technologies News, 2010, No. 2, p. 3-10.
2. Каткевича, А. Зицманис, П. Мекш. - Cоли имидазолия и пиридиния – растворители, влияющие на скорость и направление перегруппировок Фриса, Бекмана и Кляйзена. - Химия гетероциклических соединений, 2010, № 2, с. 195– 208.
3. Nakurte, P. Mekss, K. Klavins, A. Zicmanis, G. Vavilina, S. Dubrovina. – Collision - induced dissociation of imidazolium-based zwitterionic liquids. - Eur. J. Mass Spectrometry, 2009, vol. 15, 471–478.
4. Zicmanis, S. Katkevica, P. Mekss. – Lewis acid-catalyzed Beckmann rearrangement of ketoximes in ionic liquids. – Catal. Commun., 2009, vol. 10, N 5, pp. 614–619.
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6. Zicmanis, G. Vavilina, S. Drozdova, P. Mekss, M. Klavins. – Alkylation of ambident indole anion in ionic liquids. – Centr. Eur. J. Chem., 2007, vol. 5, N 1, pp. 156-168.