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The Faculty of Biology has always been rich in traditions.

Joint work before studies and „The Night on the Cape”. These activities are organized before the beginning of studies and their main aim is to unite the students of the first course. In a couple of days spent in tiding up the faculty for the further year of studies the students are invited to visit the biologists’ place of summer practice in Kolka to take part in different relays and attractions. The members of the students’ self-government explain here the events and the structure of the Faculty of Biology. Integral part is a hike in the night-time when the new students plant a tree of their course at the coast of the sea.

The Biologists’ night takes place in the autumn term when the studies have started. For older graduates of the Faculty of Biology this arrangement is associated with memories about times when the first-year students during the first study month went to collective farms instead of lectures in auditorium to help in harvesting and invited older students and teaching staff to an undertaking of acquaintance in the last week of field works. The period of collective farms has ended but the tradition has left in a new way as a joyful activity with actions related to students’ life. 

The Fresher party is the last trial for the first-year students to become real members of the faculty. Students that have carried out the first tests (prepared by colleagues of  older courses instead of lecturers) and demonstrated skills to overcome obstacles and orient themselves in the building of the faculty get a freshers’ seal in a solemn ceremony and are welcomed in the biologists’ family.

Medium is an essential point of account when a half of studies is already finished and it is possible to evaluate the time spent in the faculty and think more serious about the remaining year. Medium is traditionally organized by the second year students.

The Student of the Year and the Lecturer of the Year is a moment of respite before fever of handing in course works and graduation works. It is a real verification of erudition for teaching staff and students to fight for different titles. Knowledge and artistic skills of candidates are assessed by independent jury consisting of lecturers and students.

Before the beginning of summer at the first weekend of June a trip by boats called „Bio-oar” is organized. This is an opportunity to get to know lecturers from the other side and taste porridge with condensed milk collectively.

As other beloved traditions should be mentioned Christmas carnival and Valentine’s party which is often organized together with students from other faculties. In autumn and spring students with teaching staff take part in joint works in Kolka to put in order biologists’ practice place. Periodically film evenings are arranged where every student is kindly invited.