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Within the scope of several European Unity exchange projects and programs, students and teaching staff have the possibility to gain additional experience in other countries’ universities, as well for teaching staff is offered to hold lectures at the partnership universities.

By participation in the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP)/ ERASMUS Program undergraduate and postgraduate students can complete some of their academic duties and requirements at one of the universities in the European Union the Faculty holds a partnership agreement with. A student spends between three months to one year at the University of his/her choice, attends study courses and fulfils other certain academic requirements including exams.

Each academically year eight to ten students are send from the Faculty of Biology to other universities by financial support of the LLP/ERASMUS Program. More close collaboration in this program faculty has with University of Aarhus in Denmark, Universities of Helsinki in Finland, Universities of Bremen and Regensburg in Germany. At the moment the Faculty of Biology has international agreements about bilateral partnership with 14 universities in Europe.