The University of Latvia offers accommodation list in Riga for ensuring self-isolation of those students who arrive from abroad or are going in self-isolation. The accommodation list does not include any dormitories or apartments under the supervision of the UL, in order to provide all security measures for the students living there.

Classic Double for single use (including VAT and breakfast): 50 EUR/per night

Lunch: EUR 10/per 1 meal (2 course meal)

Dinner: EUR 10/per 1 meal (2 course meal)

Contacts: Valdis Vanadziņš (General Manager), tel.: +371 29174516, e-mail:


Price: EUR 20/night.

Meals are charged at an extra cost.

Contact tel.: +371 27748229


Price for a single room (including breakfast): EUR 24/night

Contact e-mail:


Price: EUR 26–33/night (including breakfast)

Lunch: EUR 8

Dinner: EUR 8

Contacts: Guntis Nurža, e-mail:


Room type Price per 14 nights Price for extra bed
1 bed – 1,80 m
2 beds – 1 m each
Family room
1 bed – 1,80 m
2 beds – 1 m each
+ an opportunity to put 2 extra beds
630 140

Overall, there are: 4 double rooms, 2 twin rooms and 4 family rooms at the hotel that sums up to 28 beds (8 of which are extra beds).

It is possible to order 3 meals a day for EUR 15/day.


Depending on The hotel offers students different types of rooms for EUR 250/14 nights.

Rooms are fully equipped with all comforts necessary for living.

A student has his or her own bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette with a fridge, teapot, microwave and dishes.

A student needs to:

  • make a prepayment, in order to avoid physical contact with hotel staff when arriving;
  • wear a face mask and gloves in the shared facilities of the hotel;
  • limit visiting shared facilities for safety reasons;
  • take care of the health safety of yourself and those around you.

The hotel does not provide:

  • catering, but there is an opportunity to either use delivery from the store or to agree with hotel staff on a personal delivery;
  • cleaning service, but there is an opportunity to agree with hotel staff on cleaning.


Hotel reception

Tel.: +371 26988869




Reservation and payment must be made via Airbnb:

1. Apartments No. 1

2. Apartments No. 2

3. Apartments No. 3

4. Apartments No. 4