Electrocardiography II

The aim of the course – to acquire theoretical and practical principles of electrocardiography in ECG interpretation, conclusion forming and clinical application. The course is to be completed in 40 lessons – 20 lectures and 20 practical classes.

At the beginning of the course it is planned to evaluate the previously acquired ECG knowledge by analyzing the electrocardiogram in a practical class.

The dynamic ratio of lectures and practical classes will be determined by the level of previously acquired knowledge of each particular group and the rhythm of the course topic acquisition.

In addition, there is a homework to be completed independently with a task to interpret the ECG. It is subsequently assessed during the next lesson.

The course concludes with a test, where each student will describe three ECGs with relevance to topics covered in the course.

Total lengh of programme – 40 stundas

Programme director– Silvija Hansone

Contact person  Gunta Mežakunga

More information and application:

Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 417, Riga

Tel.: (+371) 67034496, 26599035


When applying, please, indicate your specialisation.

Programme timetable:

November 2, 2018          17:00–20:00           (Auditorium 426)

November 3, 2018           9:00–15:00            (Auditorium 240)

November 9, 2018          17:00–20:00           (Auditorium 426)

November 10, 2018         9:00–15:00            (Auditorium 240)

November 23, 2018         17:00–20:00           (Auditorium 240)

November 24, 2018         9:00–15:00            (Auditorium 240)

November 30, 2018        17:00–20:00           (Auditorium 240)

December 1, 2018          9:00–15:00            (Auditorium 240)


Locationta – Raiņa bulvāris 19, Riga, LV–1586

Course fee for one person – 113.00 EUR

The fee can be paid by bank transfer.

Recipient:   Latvijas Universitāte, reģ.Nr.90000076669

Account No.:  LV51NDEA0000082414423

Nordea Bank Finland Plc Latvijas fil.

Note: When making the transfer, please, indicate THE ATTENDEE’S FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, PERSONAL ID NUMBER OR DATE OF BIRTH, and course title: MF Tālākizglītības centrs, Tālākizglītības kursi – ”Elektrokardiogrāfija II