Professional master’s study programme “Optometry”

The professional master’s study programme “Optometry” offers diversified, wide-ranging studies based on the vision science and contemporary problems of primary vision care. The professional qualification offered upon acquisition of the programme meets the requirements of the professional standard "Optometrist".


The professional Master's programme Optometry (Clinical) offers multidisciplinary studies based on visual science and contemporary primary vision care. The professional qualification of the graduates meets the professional standard Optometrist and is equivalent to that received in the UK, USA and Norway.

Students of the programme acquire both professional skills in primary vision care (optometry) and academic knowledge in vision science, which allows them to enrol in the doctoral programme.

The syllabus consists of professional (clinical) and scientific (experimental) subjects related to the evaluation, research and understanding of the human visual system. The programme includes the following: practical training (33%), medicine and physiology of vision (35%) and courses in the natural sciences and psychology.

The study programme (80 credit points) contains compulsory (part A), optional (part B), and practical courses. The practical training (internship) accounts for 26 credit points. Part A (66 credit points) includes specialisation courses: general medicine in optometry, eye diseases and pharmacotherapy, contact correction, visual perception models, as well as a state examination and Master's thesis. Part B (14 credit points) contains clinical and experimental courses in optometry. The state examination accounts for two credit points and consists of a theoretical knowledge test in optometry and a practical examination in the evaluation of the patient's visual function and vision correction. The elaboration and defence of the Master’s thesis is worth 20 credit points.

By fulfilling the programme requirements, the student acquires both professional skills and competences in the field of primary vision care – optometry, as well as academic knowledge in vision science enabling continuation of the studies in the doctoral programme.

Duration: 1) 2 years of full time studies; 2) 2,5 years of part-time studies. Full-time studies take place on working days from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. depending on schedule. Part-time studies consist of online correspondence. Twice a year lectures are organized on place.
Tuition fee per year - 4000 EUR
No State funded budget places for studies in English
Professional Master degree in Clinical Optometry

Admission requirements for international students

1. Bachelor degree of Natural sciences in Optometry, or Bachelor degree in any related fields, where studies comprised mandatory courses in optometry. Applicants which do not hold a Bachelor degree in Optometry are obligated to take preparatory courses in amount of 24 credit points (36 ECTS);

2. English language proficiency.

Additional admission requirement for citizens of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal: complex test in the form of a Skype interview.