The origins of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia can be traced back to 1919, when the Faculty of Linguistics and Philosophy was established at the University of Latvia, where it was possible to study Baltic languages, Latvian literature and culture.

Today, the Faculty of Humanities is Latvia’s leading center for in-depth studies and research  not only on Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian) and classical (Latin, Ancient Greek) languages, literature and culture, but also on a wide spectrum of foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Modern Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Czech, Polish, Russian, as well as Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Japanese promoting intercultural communication and language learning in the context of Eastern cultures.

The faculty prepares academically and professionally educated specialists who successfully build their careers in translation, language teaching, creative writing and criticism, editing and text creation, language technology and terminology development, museology, foreign affairs, research and other areas in the local and international labour market where specialists with excellent knowledge of languages and cultures are needed.

The quality of the studies is guaranteed by the international accreditation of the programmes, a high level of academic staff qualification, the attraction of foreign academic staff, as well as a wide range of opportunities for student and staff international mobility.

Piesakies jaunumiem un uzzini vairāk!


Prof. Indra Karapetjana