The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is dedicated to studies of society and information, offering the knowledge and skills essential for the information age in four important areas of study: communication science, political science, information management, library science, as well as sociology. The knowledge acquired at our FSS is especially important at a time when dramatic changes are taking place in society, while the circulation of information becomes so intense and substantial as never before in the history of mankind. FSS offers modern and high-quality academic higher education at all 3 levels of studies, combining theoretical lecture courses with practical classes. Students of the FSS learn to understand society and communication processes, to orient themselves in the flow of information and to comprehend information sources, but above all – to cultivate critical thinking. Alongside lectures, every student is invited to get involved and contribute practical work at FSS TV, journalism portal, multimedia studio, debate club and summer schools; Progress and change are not generated only in laboratories or factories – these phenomena should be rooted in the minds! FSS provides knowledge enabling to find, analyze, understand, influence and create information, opinion or events in any place, at any time.

Doctoral study programmes

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