According to the amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions, which came into force on 01.01.2019, the period of accreditation of study programs has been extended. The new accreditation terms can be seen here.

Programme code 45722
Field of study Health Care
Faculty Faculty of Biology
Obtainable degree Master of Health Sciences in Nutrition Science
Access to further studies Access to Doctoral Studies
Programme director Ida Jākobsone
Credits 80 KP or 120 ECTS
Study duration full-time
4 Semesters
Tuition fee starting Autumn semester, 2019 Tuition fee per year - 2000 EUR for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, permanent residence permit holders and their family members
Tuition fee per year - 5500 EUR for other country citizens
Number of students accepted each year Autumn semester 2019
State -funded study places- 10
Autumn semester 2019
Study places for tuition fee - 0
Minimum number of students - 10
Start of studies Autumn 2020
Language of instruction Latvian
Admission requirements

Second level professional higher education (or comparable higher education) in Medicine or Dentistry; Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in Science, Health Science, Pharmacy, food chemistry, food studies and food science, Pedagogy of Sports and Health education, veterinary medicine and other related industries

General rules (here)


Competition evaluation calculation formula: weighted average grade (35 x 10 = 350) + finals total (or average) grade (30 x 10 = 300) + entrance examination (1 x 350 = 350)

Nutrition Science   80
Mandatory part   66
Mandatory part   46
Mate5043 Biostatistics Exam 2
Medi5007 Nutrition in Children and Adolescents Exam 2
Biol5014 Human Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Exam 2
Biol5015 Regulation of Physiological Function in the Human Organism Exam 3
PārZ5003 Novel Food and GMO Exam 2
PārZ6002 Course Project Coursework/project 2
Medi5016 Clinical Nutrition Therapy for Acute Clinical Diseases Exam 2
Medi5015 Medical Nutrition Therapy in the Chronic Diseases Exam 4
PārZ5002 Food Products' Technology Exam 2
PārZ5007 Nutritional Value of Food Products Exam 2
PārZ5004 Food and Nutrition Quality Exam 2
PārZ5006 Food Chemistry Exam 3
Medi5168 Public health and epidemiology 1 Exam 2
Medi5017 The Psychology of Food Intake and Human Eating Disordsers Exam 2
Medi5006 Basic Principles of Nutrition Regulation in Women in Various Periods of Life Exam 2
Medi5035 Assessment of Nutritional Status Exam 2
Medi5034 Nutrition Policy and Nutrition Science Exam 2
Medi6001 Nutrition in the Elderly Exam 2
Medi5013 The Role of the Food in Immunologic and Genetic Disturbances Exam 2
Medi6021 Nutrition and exercise Exam 2
Medi5067 Nutrition and Oral Health Exam 2
Final examination   20
PārZ6001 Master's Thesis Master`s Thesis 20
Restricted elective courses   14
Medi6003 Obesity and its Treatment Exam 2
PārZ5010 Organic Farming Food Products Exam 2
Medi5188 Human Anatomy Exam 2
Ķīmi5071 Drinking Water Exam 2
DatZ5005 Information Technology Exam 2
Medi5036 Metabolic Syndrome and Medical Nutrition Therapy Exam 2
Ekon5030 Customer and Food Marketing Exam 2
Biol5093 Food microbiology Exam 2
PārZ5009 Food-packaging Exam 2
PārZ5021 Theoretical Basics of Food Chemistry Exam 2
Ķīmi5028 Biochemical Aspects of Active Oxygen Species and Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine Exam 2
Valo5156 Foreign Language in Speciality Exam 2
PārZ5005 Food Enhancers and Food Additives Exam 2
Medi5026 Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Allergy Exam 2
Medi6022 Practical aspects of diet therapy Exam 2
Medi5031 Nutrition During the Process of Prevention of Diseases Exam 2
Medi5033 Evidence Based Intervention Maping and Evaluation of Health Promotion Program Exam 2
Additional courses in civil and environment protection   1
Ķīmi1059 Civil protection Test 1
Science sector Medicine
EKI level 7
Programme price

Yearly programme costs per student correspond to the tuition fee given above.