According to the amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions, which came into force on 01.01.2019, the period of accreditation of study programs has been extended. The new accreditation terms can be seen here.

Programme code 43345
Field of study Management, Administration and Real Estate Managament
Faculty Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Obtainable degree Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management
Access to further studies Access to Master Study Programmes or Second-level Professional Higher Education Study Programmes designed for studies after the awarding of Bakalaura grāds (Bachelor`s degree)
Programme director Margarita Dunska
Credits 160 KP or 240 ECTS
Study duration full-time
8 Semesters
Tuition fee starting Autumn semester, 2019 Tuition fee per year - 2500 EUR
Number of students accepted each year Autumn semester 2019
State -funded study places- 0
Autumn semester 2019
Study places for tuition fee - 85
Minimum number of students - 10
Start of studies Spring 2020
Language of instruction English

The aim of the programme „Business Administration” with specialization in International Business  is to prepare the students to develop their own business in international environment or to work as a highly qualified specialist in state, private and international institutions. The graduates will have a full range of competences to work in the field of entrepreneurship in the context of laws and regulations. Students will be trained to work both - individually and in groups; they will also develop their presentation skills, analytical skills and critical thinking skills, which are necessary both for the labor market to remain effective and for business organizations to develop in a changing economic environment.

The planned results will cover the following competences: orienting in the processes of the contemporary international economy and business and the ability to analyze them by using statistical, econometric and other methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis; understanding the basics of every legal aspect of the entrepreneurship in order to participate efficiently in the activities of international trade, finance and other fields; abilities to orient in global economic environment and to take decisions in the circumstances of global competition.

Study  programme is for foreign and Latvian residents.


Job opportunities

Graduates will be able to develop their own business on international level, to work in international companies, multinational corporations, in the institutions of foreign affairs and economics, in international, state, non-governmental and private organizations, in embassies and banks.

Admission requirements

Secondary education

General rules (here)


Competition criteria for persons with an obtained secondary education on year 2004 and onwards:

CE in Maths

CE in English

Competition criteria for persons with an obtained secondary education up to year 2004 (not included) as well as persons who have obtained their secondary education abroad and persons with special needs:


final grade in Maths (or the average grade of Algebra and Geometry)

final grade in English

Conditions for persons who have acquired secondary education abroad:

1)    the Math final grade has to be passable in secondary education document;

2)    English proficiency that is verified by a passable English final grade in secondary education document, the exception being cases when secondary education is acquired in English. English proficiency requirements for foreigners who have acquired their previous education abroad are specified in article 1.14.

Admission formulas

For persons with an obtained secondary education on year 2004 and onwards: CE in Maths up to year 2008 (knowledge and basic skills (2,5 x 100 = 250) + case analysis (2,5 x 100 = 250)) or CE in Maths from year 2009 (knowledge and basic skills (2 x 100 = 200) + standard case analysis/knowledge usage in standard cases (1,5 x 100 = 150) + problem case solving/knowledge usage in non-standard cases (1,5 x 100 = 150)) + CE in English (listening (1 x 100 = 100) + reading (1 x 100 = 100) + speaking (1 x 100 = 100) + language usage (1 x 100 = 100) + writing (1 x 100 = 100))

For persons with an obtained secondary education up to year 2004 (not included) as well as persons who have obtained their secondary education abroad and persons with special needs: secondary education document final grade in Maths (or the average grade of Algebra and Geometry) (50 x 10 = 500) + secondary education document final grade in English (50 x 10 = 500)

Business Administration   160
Mandatory part   88
Mandatory part   66
DatZ1085 Economic Informatics I Exam 4
DatZ1076 Business Informatics II Exam 4
Filz1020 Philosophy Exam 2
Ekon2368 Theory of Finances Exam 4
Ekon2094 Theory of Accounting Exam 4
JurZ1118 Introduction to Law Exam 4
VadZ1032 Record Keeping and Correspondence Exam 2
EkonP198 Macroeconomics Exam 4
Ekon1300 Mathematics for Economists Exam 4
EkonP196 Microeconomics Exam 4
Ekon2081 Marketing I Exam 4
Ekon2490 Optimization theory Exam 4
VadZ2093 Principles of Enterprise Management Exam 2
JurZ2005 Commercial Law Exam 4
EkonP197 International Economic Relations Exam 4
Ekon1265 Statistics I Exam 4
Ekon1267 Statistics II Exam 4
VadZ1013 Management Exam 4
Foreign language for Business   4
Valo1467 Business English Exam 4
Valo1469 German for Economists Exam 4
Foreign language for Business Management   4
Valo2377 English for Business Management Exam 4
Valo1468 Business Management German Exam 4
Final examination   14
VadZ4011 Bachelor`s Thesis in Management Bachelor`s Thesis 14
Restricted elective courses   68
Mandatory part   28
Ķīmi1059 Civil protection Test 1
VadZ2100 Term Paper in Business Administration Coursework/project 2
Ekon3081 Marketing II Exam 4
VadZ3017 Personnel Management Exam 4
VadZ1044 Entrepreneurship in practice I Exam 4
VadZ1047 Entrepreneurship in practice II Exam 2
VadZ3019 Economics of Tourism Exam 2
VadZ2013 Strategic Management and Policy Exam 4
SDSK4005 Management Psychology Exam 2
SDSK2046 Management Sociology Exam 2
VidZ1032 Environment protection Exam 1
Part B of Subprogrammes   40
International business   40
Mandatory part   34
VadZR000 Academic Practice (International Business) Internship 4
Ekon3835 Financial Accounting Exam 4
VadZ3003 Course Paper in International Business Coursework/project 2
Ekon3115 History of World`s Economy and Business Exam 4
VadZ3044 Intercultural Business Relations Exam 2
VadZ4015 International Marketing Exam 2
VadZ2052 International Advertising Exam 2
VadZ4270 International Business Exam 2
VadZ3119 International Management Exam 4
VadZ2097 International Business Environment Exam 4
VadZ3099 Business in the European Union Exam 2
VadZ4126 International Competitiveness of the Nations Exam 2
Study Courses of Limited Choice 1   2
VadZ4101 Logistics Exam 2
VadZ4288 International Banking Business Exam 2
Study Courses of Limited Choice 2   4
VadZ3034 Office Operations Automatization Exam 2
VadZ3090 Leisure and Tourism Management Exam 2
Ekon2068 Prices and price formation Exam 2
Ekon3055 Economics of Natural Resources Exam 4
VadZ3135 Labor Market Management Exam 4
VadZ3000 Innovative and Sustainable Business Management Models Exam 4
VadZ3188 Quality Management Systems Exam 4
Ekon3108 Modelling theory Exam 4
Ekon3097 Marketing communications Exam 4
VadZ3040 Marketing Research Exam 2
Ekon3083 Internet Marketing Exam 4
VadZ4133 Consumer Behaviour Exam 4
Valo1465 Practical Latvian for International Students I Exam 4
Ekon3508 Methods of Forecasting Exam 4
Ekon3236 Analysis of Business Activities Exam 4
VadZ3112 Strategic and Operative Planning of Economic Activity Exam 4
Ekon3510 Modelling of Social Processes Exam 4
JurZ3215 International Law Exam 4
VadZ3284 Economy and Management of Tourism Agencies Exam 2
VadZ3019 Economics of Tourism Exam 2
VadZ3292 Tourism Environmental Impacts Exam 4
Ekon3098 Marketing for Tourism Exam 4
VadZ3288 Introduction to Tourism Exam 4
VadZ4210 Tourism Planning Exam 4
Ekon3109 Tourism Resources Exam 2
Ekon3378 Entrepreneurship finance Exam 4
VadZ3057 Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Evaluation Methods Exam 2
VadZ3295 Hotel Economy and Management I Exam 2
VadZ4214 Hotel Economy and Management II Exam 4
Elective courses   4
Science sector Management
EKI level 6