According to the amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions, which came into force on 01.01.2019, the period of accreditation of study programs has been extended. The new accreditation terms can be seen here.

Programme code 47142
Field of study Education, Pedagogy and Sport
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Obtainable degree Professional Master's Degree in School Pedagogy
Programme director Inese Jurgena
Study duration part-time: regular studies
5 Semesters
Tuition fee starting Autumn semester, 2019 Tuition fee per year - 1425 EUR
Number of students accepted each year Autumn semester 2019
State -funded study places- 0
Autumn semester 2019
Study places for tuition fee - 50
Minimum number of students - 15
Start of studies Autumn 2019
Basic Education Teacher [RPIVA]   83
Mandatory part   30
MSZVCC Innovation in pedagogy Exam 2
MSZVCE_a Organization of Pedagogic Research I Exam 1
MSZVCE_b Organization of Pedagogic Research Test with a grade 1
MSZVDJ_b Practice of Research I Internship 4
MSZVDJ_a Practice of Research II Internship 2
MSV9 Qualification examination Final Examination 0
MSZV7C_c Elaboration of Master's Paper Master`s Thesis 3
Restricted elective courses   53
MS0E2C_a Active Practice in Basic Education Internship 2
MS0E2C_d Active Practice in Basic Education Exam 4
MS0E53 Qualification Practice in Basic Education Internship 4
MS0E2B_b Teaching the Process of Observation Practice in Basic Education Internship 2
MS0E2D_b The practice of integrated teaching of primary education Internship 2
MSZVVH_b Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in the School Exam 2
MSZVCI Child`s Personality Education in the Family and Integration in Multicultural Environment Exam 2
MS0E59_b Contents and Methods of Natural Science Studies in Primary School Exam 4
MSW200_a Contents and methods of teaching elementary mathematics in primary school Exam 5
MSZV1A Integrated Studies in Basic Education Exam 2
MSZVUB_e Contents and Methods of Teaching Latvian Language and Literature in Primary School I Exam 5
MSZVDT_b Contents and Methods of Teaching House-keeping and Technologies in Primary School Exam 3
MSW6_b Methods and Contents of Music Study in Primary School Exam 3
MSW0 Contents and Methods of Teaching Social Science in Primary School Exam 2
MS0E5A_c Contents and Methods of Teaching Visual Art in Primary School II Exam 3
Science sector Pedagogy
EKI level 7