According to the amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions, which came into force on 01.01.2019, the period of accreditation of study programs has been extended. The new accreditation terms can be seen here.

Programme code 47141
Field of study Education, Pedagogy and Sport
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Obtainable degree Professional Master's Degree in Education
Access to further studies Access to Doctoral Studies
Programme director Indra Odiņa
Credits 80 KP or 120 ECTS
Start of studies Studies no planed for the upcoming semester
Language of instruction Latvian, English

Sub-program – Basic School Teacher of English gives the chance to obtain professional Master’s degree in education and the qualification of basic school teacher of English.

Students acquire the module of corresponding science courses (Content of the subject), Subject teaching methodology and practice module and master module “Education for Personal and Sustainable Wellbeing and Coherent Development of Society”.

During the studies students acquire phonetics of English, written English, spoken English, lexical grammatical analysis of English texts, English grammar for teachers, British studies, as well as theory and practice of the methods of teaching/learning foreign languages, modeling of English lessons and the use of Internet and modern technologies in English teacher’s work.  Based on research skills of examining, disseminating and implementing changes, the students gain understanding of building sustainable cultural environment of education, develop educational practice for growth of holistic personality, improve understanding of educator’s professional identity and skills to evaluate pedagogic mastery.

Students have a possibility to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in in formal, non-formal and informal teaching and master’s research practice in the context of the local community and global education and developing Master’s Paper connected with topical needs of education thus contributing to harmonious development of society.


Learning outcomes of the study programme

The programme ensures a chance:

•    to gain critically reflective understanding of education development trends in improving the quality of life for one’s own and the following generations and facilitating personal wellbeing and coherent development of society;

•    to evaluate and improve the pedagogical competence according to the requirements of the fifth-level teacher professional qualification and advance professional development in life-long learning context;

•    to implement teaching and research practice in accordance with labor market, social needs and innovative educational science and practice trends;

•    to develop and defend Master’s Paper connected with topical needs of  education thus contributing to harmonious development of society.

Job opportunities

The graduates of the program can work in the state and private educational institutions and other education-related institutions, etc. The acquired education gives teachers a possibility to continue the studies in Doctoral programmes.

Basic Education Teacher of English   80
Mandatory part   40
Field-specific theoretical foundation courses   10
Peda5160 Holistic Development of Personality in Education Practice Exam 2
Peda5161 Sustainable Cultural Environment of Education Exam 3
Peda5162 Education Research for Local and Global Changes Exam 3
Peda6255 Educator’s Professional Identity and Pedagogic Mastery Exam 2
Field-specific professional specialization courses   4
Peda5163 Didactic Approaches in Education Practice I Exam 2
Peda6258 Didactic Approaches in Education Practice II Exam 2
Practice   6
SDSKR003 Master’s Practice in Research Internship 6
State examination   20
SDSKN002 Master's Paper Subdidided Course (Master`s Thesis/DS) 20
Restricted elective courses   40
With pedagogical education   40
Field-specific theoretical foundation courses   24
SDSKP057 The Geography, History, Culture and Education of the English Speaking Countries Exam 2
ValoP918 English Grammar for Teachers I Exam 2
ValoP919 English Grammar for Teachers II Exam 2
ValoP858 Speech Practice of the English Language I Exam 2
ValoP916 Speech Practice of the English Language II Exam 2
ValoP179 Practical English Phonetics Exam 2
ValoP857 Written Practice of the English Language Exam 2
ValoP132 Lexico-grammatical analysis of English texts I Exam 2
ValoP133 Lexico-grammatical analysis of Engish texts II Exam 2
ValoP915 Integrated Course for the Teachers of English Exam 4
ValoP195 Written English in Education Research I Exam 2
Field-specific professional specialization courses   8
PedaPI34 Teaching/learning methodology of EFL aspects Exam 2
PedaPI35 Teaching/learning methodology of EFL skills Exam 2
ValoP806 Modern Technologies in Language Teachers' Work Exam 2
PedaPD00 Foreign Language Acquisition at Primary School Exam 2
Practice   8
SDSKP042 Teaching Practice III Internship 8
Science sector Pedagogy
EKI level 7
Programme price

Yearly programme costs per student correspond to the tuition fee given above.