Course code ValoP915
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
E-courses 2VALP915: Integrated Course for the Teachers of English
Course annotation The aims of the course are
1) to provide students the opportunities to use foreign language; to develop students' language skills acquired during English lessons at school corresponding to the Standard of Secondary Education; to acquire new lexis and word polysemy;
2) to improve listening, speaking, reading , writing, presentation and summarizing the text skills, thus preparing students for further study process in the chosen study programme.

3) The course is aimed at motivating students' autonomous learning and in cooperation with peers developing language, social, general, emotional and evaluation skills.
Results Within the course students are expected to acquire and to be able to perform
1) academic competences:
Knowledge and comprehension of the chosen profession applying English for teaching purposes. On the completion of the course students will be able to perform skills to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, to carry out self and peer assessment, to analyse and assess the results of their academic performance;
2) professional competences:
Skills to use the language for teaching, writing, presenting, writing abstracts, reporting, research and communication in professional environment;

3) further learning skills: to proceed with improving professional performance applying the knowledge of the English language.
Course plan 1. Roles and relationships in society. Welcome, short domestic conversations, role-playing games. Characteristics of the person in oral and written form. S 4
2. Learning, intelligence and abilities. Assessment of one’s learning habits. Planning a discussion and participating in the discussion. S 4
3. Health and fitness. Note-taking skills. Presentation structure. Planning introduction part. Thematic vocabulary. S 4
4. Independent reading. Text by student's choice. Methodological guidelines for presentation. S 4
5.Homes in the past and now. Fact or opinion. Expressing your opinion. The main parts of the presentation and final planning. S 4
6. Independent work: presentation on the chosen topic. S 2
7. Issues and problems of agriculture. Problem-solution-assessment essay. Factual and statistical presentation. S 4
8. Communication. Collaboration skills. Video conference. S 4
9. Independent reading. O. Henry. "Last Leaf" by O. Henry. Working with vocabulary. Discussion S 9
10. Global culture. Group work: development of a project on the chosen topic. Methodological notes for drafting and presentation of project work. S 4
11. Group work: presentation of the project. Discussion. Evaluation of group work. Self-assessment. S 2
12. History and cultural heritage. Text annotation, paraphrase, and summary writing. S 4
13. Development of Architecture. Argumentation skills. Argumentative essay. S 4
14. Communication without bias. Behavioral culture. Discussion management. S 4
15. Sports industry. Interview planning. Role playing. S 4
16. Technology development, its role in life and education. Methodological guidelines for a mini-research report. S 4
17. Independent work: mini-research report on the chosen topic. Presentation of research results. S 4
18. Evaluation of the course.
Self-assessment. S 2
Requirements for obtaining credit points 1. Participation in workshops and practical work (10%)
2. Successful individual work: portfolio of independent work and paperwork (50%);
3. 2 presentations of Independent reading material (20%);

4. Integrated exam: oral and written (20%).
Study programmes Teacher of the German Language
Preschool Teacher
Teacher of Physical Education
Basic Education Teacher of English
Teacher of Handicraft and Technologies, Home Economics
Teacher of Culturology
Teacher of Primary School Education
Teacher of the English Language
Teacher of Informatics and Programming
Teacher of Visual Art
Teacher of the Latvian Language and Literature