Course code Valo4657
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
10 15 400
E-courses Valo4657: Bachelor's Paper
Course annotation Objective of the bachelor’s thesis is to develop and strengthen skills of research-based work. The students have to demonstrate knowledge and academic competence to develop and investigate a research issue, to put forward a problem, to advance a hypothesis and to deal with it. The students have to choose appropriate research methods, to demonstrate, comprehension of sources and knowledge of the theoretical literature. The thesis has to be systematic and written in good academic language.
Course responsible lecturer Ojārs Lāms
Results 1)skills to motivate the choise of the theme and skills to advance a hypothesis;
2)skills to choose appropriate research methods;
3)ability to make conclusions;
4)ability to use good academic language;
5)ability to present and to discuss the novelty and results of the thesis.
Course plan 1.Reasearch work
2.The output of the text
3.Work at the summary and conclusions
4.The completing of the technical layout
5.The open presentation of the thesis
Requirements for obtaining credit points The theme of the bachelor’s thesis must be asserted at the chairs. The thesis must be independent research work. The conclusions have to be presented in an open session of the commission of Final examinations. The volume of thesis has to be of 40 to 50 pages of printed text.
Study programmes Baltic Philology