Course code Valo4107
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 30 34 96
E-courses Valo4107: Contemporary Lithuanian Grammar II
Course annotation The course further discusses grammatical system of the Lithuanian language and its functionality. The usage of verbs and subsidiary parts of speech is discussed. The similarities and differences of expression in Lithuanian and Latvian are emphasized. Ways of expressing time, place and cause are analysed. In addition to grammar vocabulary of everyday speech is introduced. The fundamentals of Lithuanian applied texts are mastered.
Results Theoretical and practical knowledge of the Lithuanian language is systematized and consolidated at theoretical lectures and practical seminars. Students acquire verb forms (non-finite and finite) in the Lithuanian language, with special attention being paid to participles and the specifics of their usage. Students also master the usage of conjunctions and prepositions - in comparison with the corresponding parts of speech in Latvian. In addition to grammar vocabulary of everyday speech is introduced, thus developing the students’speakingskills. Students practically master the fundamental principles of writing applied texts in Lithuanian (letter, advertisement, application, letter of attorney (warrant), curriculum vitae).

Course plan 1.Introduction.
Conversational themes: Environment. House. Flat. Housekeeping. Working day and workplace.
2 L + 4 Pr
2.Expression of time in the Lithuanian language.
Conversational themes: Time.Clock.
2 L + 2 Pr
3.The Verb in Lithuanian. Main forms. Conjugation. Indicative Mood. The category of tense.
Conversational themes: Everyday work. Past experience. Plans for the future. 2 L + 2 Pr
4.Reflexive forms of the verb and their functions.
Conversational theme: Clothes. Fashion.
2 L + 2 Pr
5.Imperative Mood of verbs in Lithuanian.
Conversational theme: Diseases. Health.
2 L + 2 Pr
6.Conditional Mood in Lithuanian.
Conversational theme: Tourism and Travel.
2 L + 2 Pr
7.Expression of time and cause in Lithuanian.
. Conversational theme: Nature. Plant and Animal World.
2 L + 4 Pr
8.Participles in Lithuanian. Conversational theme: Recreation. Entertainment. Sports.
2 L + 4 Pr
9.Prefixal verbs and their semantic differences in Lithuanian and Latvian.
Conversational theme: Music.
4 L + 4 Pr
10.Conjunctions in the Lithuanian language.
Conversational theme: Abstract Concepts. Feelings..
2 L + 2 Pr
11.Prepositions in Lithuanian and their regiment.
Conversational theme: Education, Science.
2 L + 2 Pr
12.Interjections in the Lithuanian language and their usage.
Conversational theme: Celebrations, Traditions.
2 L + 2 Pr
13.Applied texts in the Lithuanian language (letter, advertisement, application, power of attorney, CV)4 L + 2 Pr
Requirements for obtaining credit points Attendance at lectures and practical classes is mandatory.
Active participation in practical classes: translation of texts, preparation and presentation of relevant themes of everyday speech. Home work and essays (50 %).
Exam (oral and written) – (50 %).
Study programmes Baltic Philology