Course code Valo4002
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Number of student independent work hours
10 15 400
E-courses Valo4002: B.A. Thesis
Course annotation Bachelor's thesis is a scientific paper demonstrating student's ability to conduct independent scientific research and a systematic independent analysis in the diverse field of orientalistics or other branches of science taught at the Department of Asian studies.
Bachelor's thesis aims to confirm and to consolidate student's academic expertise and skills in doing independent work. A special attention is given to the ability to work with appropriate source materials and secondary literature. The theme of the Bachelor's thesis depends on the selected material, and has to the discussed with his/her advisor . The choice of the theme has to be discussed at the department meeting taking into account the student’s interests and the advisor’s expertise . The theme and advisor have to be approved at the department meeting.

Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results Students will acquire and will be able to demonstrate:
- knowledge about and understanding of the selected subject of their research.
-skills to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the research material using the necessary research sources and scientific literature, to systematize the obtained information and data.
- skills to apply the knowledge on the basis of the acquired theoretical knowledge, to carry out theoretical and practical research activities in the chosen field of science, to predict, plan and evaluate the obtained results;
- communication skills of presenting the bachelor paper and discussing the researched theme.
- general skills of promoting the creative approach to solving problems in orientalistics and related sciences.

Course plan 1.Discussion of the thesis with the potential advisor
2.Discussion of the thesis at the department meeting
3 Selection of sources and literature
4 Assessment and critical analysis of the sources and secondary literature
5 Description of the method and the formulation of the research question.
6 Expansion of the research object.
7 Proving the hypothesis
8 Preparation of the introduction and conclusions
9 Preparation for the defense
10 The defense of the thesis

Requirements for obtaining credit points Students should write academic paper and defend it at a viva.
Study programmes Asian Studies