Course code Valo3449
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 64 64 192
E-courses Valo3449: Korean language V
Course annotation
The main purpose of this course is to cultivate students' ability to express themselves in various situations with more specific and complicate topicsat medium level of Korean. Students are expected to communicate on specific topics in Korean with persons of various professions and different level of education. Additionally,the students will learn the basics of hanja (Chinese characters in Korean).

Results After the class students will be able to make a communication with Korean people in various situation and about more specialized fields. They shall be able to ciompose assignments about specific topics.
Course plan
1. The transition of society (L9, P9)
2. Korean society by eyes of foreigners (L9, P9)
3. Korean IT(L9, P9)
4. Public sectors of Korea (L9, P9)
5. The family tradition in Korea (L9, P9)
6. Translating excerpts of Korean movies(L9, P9)
7. Hanja (L10, P10)
Requirements for obtaining credit points
Regular Attendance (75%)
Active work at class (30%)
Regular tests (30%)
Written and oral exam (40%)

Study programmes Asian Studies