Course code Valo3441
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 14 50 96
E-courses Valo3441: Modern Standard Latvian: Orthography, Interpunctuation, Culture of Language
Course annotation The course aims to introduce students to the basic issues of language culture, and to build the skills of using the theoretical foundations of language practice. The focus is on the codified language standards, which use observed deviations. Emphasis is put on common mistakes and problematic cases and variants. The course also looks at the Latvian orthography and punctuation issues. In the practical part of the course students’ language skills are developed; the theoretical part provides a deeper insight into the development of the system of the Latvian Standard language and acquaints the students with the most valuable literature to be used.
Results On successful completion of the course the students have consolidated their knowledge of Standard Latvian and the codification process as well as the opportunities of the Latvian language. Students are able to find mistakes of various language levels in texts and correct them. They are able to distinguish between correct and incorrect, appropriate and inappropriate usage of language and they can theoretically prove the validity of the corrections.
Course plan 1. Functional nature of language and Culture of language. L2
2. Language stratification. Standard language as a functional type of the national language. L2
3. Norms of Standard Latvian. S2
4. Variation in language. Types of parallelisms. L2 S2
5. Test I – Types of parallelisms and their analysis. P2
6. Borrowings. Loan words and foreign words. Mistakes in the choice of loanwords. S2
7. Digression of the language use in the aspect of borrowing. Structural and semantic borrowings in the theory of language. L2 S2
8. Test II – Loan words and their analysis. P2
9. Mistakes of the language use in the aspect of deep language structure. S2
10. The norms of derivation. S2
11. The norms of word inflexion and the use of different forms. S2
12. Syntax and units of syntax. S2
13. Test III – Norms of Latvian Standard in practice. P2
14. Use of stylistic, emotional and pragmatic units of language. S2
15. Orthography before and nowadays. Dictionaries of orthography. L2
16. Foreign words as part of the Latvian language. Spelling of borrowings. P2
17. Spelling and literary pronunciation of proper names of other languages. P2
18. Basic principles of Latvian orthography. Representation of positional and historical gradation in spelling. L2+P2
19. The main orthogrammes of the historical gradation of consonants. P2
20. The orthogrammes of the convention. The usage of capital letters. P2
21. Words spelled together or separately. Syllabification of inherited and borrowed words. Spelling of abbreviations P2
22. The concept of punctuation, punctuation principles in the Latvian language and literary norms. Insight into the history of Latvian punctuation. L2
23. Punctuation in simple sentence. S2
24. Special grammatical constructions in simple sentence. Participial phrase. S2
25. Predicative insertions in simple sentence. S2
26. Particles, modal words, interjections and punctuation. S2
27. Simple and compound sentence. Punctuation in comparison. S2
28. Punctuation in compound sentence. Direct speech, indirect speech. Abbreviations. S2
29. Test IV – Analysis of punctuation in the text. P2

Requirements for obtaining credit points 1.Attendance at lectures and practical classes is compulsory.
2.Practical works during the semester (25%).
3. A report about someone punctuation problem.
4.Individual work – analysis of mistakes of language use (25 %).
5.Final examination – written (50%).
Study programmes Baltic Philology