Course code Valo3267
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours
4 6 64 26 38
E-courses Valo3267: Contemporary Lithuanian Grammar I
Course annotation The course further discusses grammatical system of the Lithuanian language and its functionality.
The course is envisaged for the first year (first term) students of Lithuanian studies who have covered the course”Lithuanian language I”. The main objectives:
1.students develop Lithuanian grammar competences, enlarge their vocabulary and improve their conversation skills;
2.students are prepared for independent reading and translation of the texts in Lithuanian;
3. language comprehension and interpreting skills are developed.
Course responsible lecturer Pēteris Vanags
Results Theoretical and practical knowledge of the Lithuanian language mastered earlier is systematized, improved and enriched at lectures and practical seminars. Students acquire additional knowledge of the noun, the verb, prepositions and conjunctions in the Lithuanian language. Students also master the basic information about word formation in Lithuanian. In addition to grammar, vocabulary of everyday speech is introduced and speaking skills developed. The following conversation themes are covered: „My apartment”, “City”, “Person’s appearance”, „My dream”, “Shopping”, “At a cafe”, “Culture of Latvia”, “Telephoning”, “My term paper”, „Transport”).
Course plan 1.Introductory lecture. Revision of grammar. Verb conjugation subtypes. Methods for determining the principal forms.2 L + 4 Pr
2.Verbs with different prepositions and noun cases.
Theme: My apartment.2 L + 2 Pr
3.Adverbs of time and place.
Theme: Daily work. Past experience. Theme: City.2 L + 2 Pr
4.Abstract nouns.
Theme: My dream.2 L + 2 Pr
5.Phraseologisms in Lithuanian, archaic cases.
Theme: Person’s appearance. 2 L + 2 Pr
6.Meanings of prepositions.
Theme: Shopping.2 L + 2 Pr
7.Verbs with possessive case. Theme: At a cafe. 2 L + 4 Pr
8.Word formation. Meanings of suffixes and prefixes. Compounds.
Theme: Culture of Latvia.2 L + 4 Pr
9.Participles of passive and active voice.
Theme: Telephoning.4 L + 4 Pr
Theme: My term paper.2 L + 2 Pr
11.Verbs requiring accusative and instrumental case.
Theme: Theatre and other culture events. 2 L + 2 Pr
12.Lithuanian radio and TV news report Listening to recordings, decryption, translation.
Theme: Transport.2 L + 2 Pr
13.Revision of the verb, the adverb, prepositions, conjunctions. 6 Pr
Requirements for obtaining credit points Attendance at lectures and practical classes is mandatory.
Active participation in practical classes: translation of texts, preparation and presentation of relevant themes of everyday speech. Home work and essays (50 %). Test (50 %).
Study programmes Baltic Philology