Course code Valo3143
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
6 9 96 48 48 144
E-courses Valo3143: Chinese IV
Course annotation The course is designed to develop students’ conversational skills in the Chinese language at an intermediate level. On the basis of the previous knowledge of phonetics and Chinese characters, students are to develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, which will allow them to engage in everyday dialogues and read simple texts in Chinese.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results The target of the course is to achieve that students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese would be enough to understand everyday conversational topics, read periodicals and modern literature of a definite difficulty level.They will learn intermediate level grammar, expand their word stock and get a deeper insight into the peculiarities of Chinese culture.
Course plan 1. Lesson 15. Grammar: 1. Parts of the sentence. L3, P 3
2. Lesson 16. Grammar: 1. Passive sentence; 2. Complement of the situation A; 3. Structural particle "de". L3, P 3
3. Lesson 17. Grammar: 1. Complement of the amount A: 2. Sentences with "de". L3, P 3
4. Lesson 18. Grammar: 1. Adverbs of place; 2. Sentence of existence A; 3. Modal particle "le". L3, P 3
5. Lesson 19. Grammar: 1. Interrogative sentences B; 2. Reduplication of the verb A. L3, P 3
6. Lesson 20. Grammar: Forms of collocations. L3, P 3
7. Lesson 21. Grammar: 1. "Noun as verb" sentence form A; 2. Interrogative sentence with "ne"; 3. Time of the day. L3, P 3
8. Lesson 22. Grammar: 1. "Subject of the sentence + verb as predicate" sentence form A; 2. Interrogative sentences in the affirmative and negation; 3. Numbers above 100; 4. Days and months. L3, P 3
9. Lesson 23. Grammar: 1. Aspect word "le2" A; 2. Monetary units; 3. Complement of degree. L3, P 3
10. Lesson 24. Grammar: 1. Complement of result; 2. Aspect word "le2" B. L3, P 3
11. Lesson 25. Grammar: Mode of usage of phrases. L3, P 3
12. Lesson 26. Grammar: 1. Complement of directions A; 2. Particle "le". L3, P 3
13. Lesson 27. Grammar: 1. Complement of direction B: 2. Completed un uncompleted expressions. L3, P 3
14. Lesson 28. Grammar: 1. . "Subject of the sentence + verb as predicate" sentence form B; 2. Complement of direction C; 3. Complement of time units. L3, P 3
15. Lesson 29. Grammar: 1. . "Subject of the sentence + verb as predicate" sentence form C; 2. Complement of direction D. L3, P 3
16. Lesson 30. Grammar: Arrangement of several adjectives before the noun. L3, P 3

Requirements for obtaining credit points 1. Regular attendance (75% from all lessons)
2. Regular achievement: a) Chinese character dictations; b) performing homework; c) active work during lessons, answering questions; d) tests (50% from the final mark)
3. Written examination at the end of semester (50% from the final mark)

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