Course code Valo3115
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 26 38 96
E-courses Valo3115: Lithuanian Colloquial Speech
Course annotation The course is intended for those who have already acquired the basic knowledge of the Lithuanian language and want to develop and improve their language skills. This course provides an opportunity to use the Lithuanian language as a means of communication, to study its functional grammar. The objectives of the course are as follows: to develop students’ linguistic and communicative competences as well as develop their interpreting skills.

Results 1) During lectures and practical seminars basics of Lithuanian functional grammar are being strengthened;
2) During the practical seminars basics of Lithuanian colloquial speech are systematized and mastered, student communication opportunities expanded;
3) Simultaneous translation skills mastered.
Course plan 1.Useful phrases. Getting acquainted and when communicating. Language. 2 L + 2 Pr
2.Human. Biography, appearance and characteristics. 2 L + 2 Pr
3. Everyday life at home and in society. 2 L + 2 Pr
4. Time. Calendar.2 L + 2 Pr
5. Weather conditions. Clothes. 2 L + 2 Pr
6. Mood, health. 2 L + 2 Pr
7. Entertainment. Cultural events. 2 L + 2 Pr
8. Cafe, meal2 L + 2 Pr
9. Shopping. Shops and supermarkets, market.2 L + 2 Pr
10 Geography and nature.2 L + 2 Pr
11.Travelling and staying for a night. 2 L + 2 Pr
12.State policy, economics and history. 2 L + 2 Pr
13.Learning and science. 2 L + 2 Pr
14.Revision of the topics.12 Pr
Requirements for obtaining credit points Course attendance mandatory. The final mark is obtained by summing up the tesults of the intermediate tests (6 communication and grammar tests - 60%) and the final oral examination (40%).
Study programmes Baltic Philology