Course code Valo3104
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 32 32 96
E-courses Valo3104: Modern Standard Latvian. Syntax
Course annotation The course treats syntax as the highest level of language. Different levels of syntax are examined in detail: phrases or word collocations, simple sentence, compound sentence. In addition, the most important aspects of text linguistics are touched uponl. The theoretical insights are based on the latest research done by Latvian, Czech and Russian linguists. The traditional views on Latvian syntax are analysed. Much attention is paid to seminars and practical classes: students learn to analyse and discuss theoretical views on syntax . They acquire the skill of performing syntactic analysis and classification of excerpted language material according to a given pattern.
Results On successful completion of the course the students have obtained the basic knowledge of the syntax of Standard Latvian, as well as practical skills of syntactic analysis of text, which serve as a prerequisite for successful studies of practical aspects of language culture, i.e. syntax and punctuation. The theoretical knowledge gained will be used in the studies of the syntax of one more Baltic language – Lithuanian, and other languages.
Course plan 1.The place of syntax in the system of language.L2
2.Types of structural and semantic syntactic relations. L2
3.Syntax of word collocations. L2 S4
4.Syntax of simple sentence and the concept of predicativity.L2
5.Basic types of sentence patterns in Latvian. L2 S2
6.Morphological types of sentence patterns. S2
7.The concept of paradigm in syntax. L2 S2
8.Formal types of principal parts of sentence in Latvian.
9.Simple extended sentence. Types of subordinated parts of sentence.L2
10.Semi-predicative component and its formal types.L2 S4
11.Formal and semantic types of determiners.L2 S2
12.Adverbials modifying entire sentence.L2 S2
13.Simple and compound parts of sentence.L2 S2
14.Composite sentence. Compound sentence.L2 S2
15.Complex sentence.L2 S2
16.Syntactic reduction (ellipsis) in composite sentence.L2 S2
17.General characteristics of text syntax.L2
18.Contextually and situationally bound utterances.L2 S4
Requirements for obtaining credit points 1. A successfully passed test during the course (10 point system, 20% of the total evaluation).
2. Classification of excerpted language material according to a given pattern (30% of the total evaluation).
3. At the end of the course – a successfully passed written examination (10 point system, 50% of the total evaluation).
Study programmes Baltic Philology