Course code Valo2738
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 24 104 192
E-courses Valo2738: Korean II
Course annotation This course is a continuation of elementary Korean course "Korean language I". The main attention in this course will be paid to developing students' speaking and listening skills. During the semester, the students are introduced more diversified grammatical forms that enable the students to express comparison, potentiality, wish and obligation, etc. The students are expected to master the usage of short (simple and informal) sentences of various tenses and moods. Upon completing this course, the students are able to formulate, understand and write full sentences in Korean colloquial speech.
Results Upon successful completion of this course, the students
-gain an in-depth understanding of Korean grammar and its application both in writing and orally;
-are able to formulate their own wishes and thoughts as probability or obligation, as well as in subjunctive, imperative, debitive moods;
-are able to recognise key ideas in a text and retell them in Korean language;
-are able to introduce themselves in a job interview and similar formal situations;
-are able to use forms of courtesy and to hold conversations on day-to-day topics in Korean.
Course plan 1. The usage of connective words in a sentence 6(L) 4(P)
2. Subjunctive case (the difference between –이/가 and –은/는) 4(L) 4(P)
3. The form of comparison 2(L) 6(P)
4. The expression of wishes 4(L) 4(P)
5. The variety of verb forms: the expression of probability and obligation. 12 (P)
6. Reading and writing an official letter 12 (P)
7. Reading and writing an informal letter 12 (P)
8. Korean tales 12 (P)
9. Retelling content of a text. 12 (P)
10. The relationship between the elder and younger in Korea 12 (P)
11. Job interview 12(P)
12. Communication in an office. 10(P)
Requirements for obtaining credit points Regular Attendance (minimum 75%)
Active work at class (30% of the final mark)
Regular tests (30% of the final mark)
Written and oral exam (40% of the final mark)
Study programmes Asian Studies