Course code Valo2466
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
Course annotation This course is designed for non-native speakers who are interested in learning about Indonesian language. Students will develop elementary level (A1) of reading and writing skills. Basic grammar requared for all skills will also emphasized. The course will equally focus on listening , speaking , reading and writing throughout the semester. Students will also gain fundamentals of phonology and simple sentence structures.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results By the end of the course students will be able to
•participate in simple conversations, know daily expressions, and will understand simple dialogues in day-to-day context.
•develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Indonesian Language;
•have and use a basic Indonesian vocabulary range;
•construct knowledge of Indonesian grammar;

Course plan Nr.Subjecthours
1.Introduction to the course, Indonesian language, facts and figures2(L)
2.Unit 1. Pronunciation. Vowels. Diphthongs. Consonants. Stress.2(L)
3.Unit 1. Nominal sentence. 2(S)
4.Unit 1. General and detailed question2(L)
5.Unit 1. Negative relating to nouns, adjectives, and pronouns 2(S)
6.Review of Unit 12(L)
7.Unit 2. Attribute. Plural of nouns.2(S)
8.Unit 2. The adjective attribute2(L)
9.Unit 2. The substantive attribute2(S)
10.Unit 2. Plural of nouns2(L)
11.Review of Unit 22(S)
12.Unit 3. Personal pronouns. 2(L)
13.Unit 3. Personal pronouns2(S)
14.Unit 3. Possessive pronouns.2(L)
15.Review of Unit 3. 2(S)
16.Unit 4. Main and subsidiary prepositions.2(L)
17.Unit 4. Simple verbs2(S)
18.Unit 4. Conjugation of verbs2(L)
19.Unit 4. Imperative mood2(L)
20.Unit 4. Negative imperative mood2(L)
21.Review of Unit 4. 2(L)
22.Unit 5. Tense.2(L)
23.Unit 5. Ada and jadi2(L)
24.Unit 5. Everyday Indonesian. The telephone2(L)
25Review of Unit 5.2(L)
26.Unit 6. Comparison and its degrees2(L)
27.Unit 6. Comparison 2(L)
28.Unit 6. Itu as the definite article2(L)
29.Unit 6. Everyday Indonesian. Asking for information2(L)
30.Unit 7. Generic words2(L)
31.Unit 7. Other means of forming general and detailed questions2(L)
32.Unit 7. Detailed questions Review of Unit 6, 7.2(L)

Requirements for obtaining credit points •Attendance and participation are important. Every student is expected to attendance (at least 75 %.)
•Quizzes– 50%
•Final (written and oral exam 50%

Study programmes Asian Studies