Course code Valo2385
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 32 48
Course annotation The aim of the course is to promote the development of students’ skills necessary for detailed reading of the professional texts (related to the chosen field of studies) and their communicative skills. The objectives of the course: to facilitate the development of detailed reading skills; to continue the selection and acquisition of vocabulary (theme: design, graphic design, computer design, photo design); to promote students’ skills to comment the text, to discuss the topics covered in the text, to work out theses and summary, to present the theme in the group.
Results Having successfully mastered the course students will be able to show the following competences. Academic competences: 1) An improved skill to acquire special texts of different levels of complexity, 2) The acquirement of basic reading strategies. Professional competences: 1) The acquirement of new terminology, 2) To express personal point of view, 3) The preparation of theses and a summary.

Course plan
No.TopicType of classes
L, S, P, LwAmount in hours
1.Review on different reading techniques connected with reading the specialization texts: general reading, selective reading, skimming, scanning, reading for detail (repetition). Text: Contemporary German Modern Art.P2
2.The Kassel modern art exhibition Dokumenta. Working with thematic vocabulary.P1
3.The Kassel modern art exhibition Dokumenta. Working with thematic vocabulary. The discussion of the development modern art in Europe.P2
4.Text reading strategies (revision). Writing the summary of modern art in Europe. Practical tasks.P2
5.Independent reading. Theme: Contemporary art.P1
6.Discussion: Modern art and modern design. Working with thematic vocabulary.P2
7.Text: Trends in modern design development. Working with thematic vocabulary.P2
8.Test on the comprehension of the read text and writing the summary of the text.P2
9.Text: Weimarer Bauhaus. Working with thematic vocabulary.P2
10.German design schools.P2
11.Text: Austrian Museum of applied art. Dialogues about art in Vienna. Theses development.P2
12.Text: The most popular museums of Austria. Dialogues. Working with thematic vocabulary.P2
13. Text: Munich Pinacoteque. The most significant pieces of art in this gallery. Making theses.P2
14.Text: Dresden art gallery „Old masters“. The most significant pieces of art in this gallery. Writing the summary of the text.P2
15.Independent reading. Theme: The art museums of the world. Working with terminology.P2
16.Test on the comprehension of the read text. Terminology. Writing the summary of the text and theses.P2
17.Oral examination. Power Point Presentation on an artist, piece of art or design school using the respective terminology.P2
Requirements for obtaining credit points Participation in practical classes, regulary completed home assignment for each practical class (reading of the text, doing the asigned tasks, working with terms, etc.)
2 tests(10+15%) and 2 independent reading sessions (reading of specialization texts)(10+15%), portfolio of the collected materials.
Examination in verbal communication – 50%.
Study programmes Art