Course code Valo2382
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 64 64 192
E-courses Valo2382: Turkish II
Course annotation This course is designed to improve students' language knowledge reading and writing skills at level A1-A2.
The acquisition of more complex aspect of Turkish sentence structures are introduced through intensive study of selected short stories, articles and other relevant reading material. Practised and reinforced short compositions are used to enhance basic writing skills.

Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results By the end of the course students will be able to
(1)converse fluently in everyday conversations; use some complex structures and ask and answer some complex questions;
(2)maintain talk, read and comprehend texts, use vocabulary and grammar;
(4)use the Future Tenses adequately.
(5)perform at level A2 of the Common European Framework.
Course plan 1.Wishes, suggestions, common instructions, notices, directions. The imperative mood 4(L)+4(S)
2.Shopping and cooking recipe:Quantities, amounts, units, comparison and superlative 4(L)+4(S)
3.Expressing physical and characteristic features of people (derived adjectives) 4(L)+4(S)
4.Review of Unit 5 , workbook and presentation 4(L)+4(S)
5.Learning about some public organization, , the accusative case 4(L)+4(S)
6.Petition for redress, pronominal suffix ”-ki” 4(L)+4(S)
7.Two movies and two books, conjunction “DE” 4(L)+4(S)
8.Review of Unit 6, workbook and presentation 4(L)+4(S)
9.Future plans, coffee reading, horoscopes, future tense 4(L)+4(S)
10.Agreement and disagreement, Future in nonverbal sentences ”ol- + -EcEk” 4(L)+4(S)
11.Career life, predicting of future events, future in the past (…was going to...)[ -EcEk + -DI (< i-di) ] 4(L)+4(S)
12.Review of Unit 7, workbook and presentation 4(L)+4(S)
13.Hearsay and realization, unwitnessed past tense “ –mIş”, 4(L)+4(S)
14.Fairy tales,anecdotal jokes, compound tenses, past continuous tense 4(L)+4(S)
15.Business advertisement 4(L)+4(S)
16.Review of Unit 8, workbook and presentation 4(L)+4(S)

Requirements for obtaining credit points Regular attendance (at least 75%).
Regular homework (20%)
Quizzes (30%)
Final (oral and written) examination (50%)
(The final is cumulative and is based on the lessons, including vocabulary and class materials)

Study programmes Asian Studies