Course code Valo2163
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours
2 3 32 26 6
E-courses Valo2163: Introduction to Lithuanian Studies
Course annotation The course comprises three parts: history of Lithuania, Lithuanian Dialectology and Accentology. The course offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the main facts of Lithuanian history, culture and areal linguistics; it ensures better understanding of the cultural heritage of the neighbouring peoples. The main tasks are the following:
1)to provide the students with profound knowledge of the history of the Baltic region, analyse correlation between certain phenomena of Lithuanian culture and history;
2)to acquaint the students with the peculiarities of Lithuanian dialect and the fundamentals of Lithuanian system of accents.
Results On successful completion of the course students have gained basic knowledge of the history of Lithuania, features of the Lithuanian dialect, and the prosodic system of the Lithuanian language. Students have gained competence in arts and developed their capacity to find links between historical and cultural facts. Students’ Lithuanian language skills and communicative competences have been improved.
Course plan 1.Lithuania in Europe and the world.2L
2.History of Lithuania.
Ancient times. The formation of the Lithuanian state in the 13th cent. 2L
3.Prosperity of the statehood. Lithuania in the period of Gediminas dynasty (1295–1572). 2L
4.Republic of two nations (1569–1795). 2L
5.Lithuania under the Russian Empire (1795–1918). National awakening. 2L
6.Independent state (1918–1940).2L
7.The period of ocupation (1940–1990).2L
8.The Republic of Lithuania after 1990. 2S
9.Lithuanian dialectology.
Classification of Lithuanian dialects. Highlanders (Aukštaitian) and Lowlanders (Žemaitian).2L
10.Western Highlanders of Kaunas and Šiauliai. Southern Highlanders.2L
11.Eastern Highlanders of Vilnius, Utena, Anykščiai, Kupiškis, Širvintos and Panevėžys.2L
12.Southern Lowlanders of Raseiniai and Varniai. Western Lowlanders.2L
13.Northern Lowlanders of Telšiai and Kretinga. 2S
14.Accentology of Lihuanian. Stress and syllable intonation.4L+ 2Pr
Requirements for obtaining credit points Course attendance is mandatory. Final mark comprises the results of intermediate tests (2 tests - 50%) and the final examination (50%).
Study programmes Baltic Philology