Course code Valo2149
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 128 192
E-courses Valo2149: Chinese II
Course annotation
The course is designed to develop listening, reading and speaking skills of colloquial Chinese on an intermediate level. The course is based on HANBAN (国家汉办) textbook New Practical Chinese Reader, Textbook Vol. 2 《实用汉语课本 2》
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
The course is aimed at further developing speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of modern Chinese at the intermediate level.
Course plan 1.Topic.“她去上海了” „She went to Shanghai”. L10
2.Topic. “我把这事儿忘了“ „I have forgotten about that”. L10
3.Topic. “这件旗袍比那件漂亮“ „This Chinese dress is much more nicer than that one”. L10
4.Topic. “我听懂了,可是记错了” „I understood it, but don’t remember it now ”. L10
5.Topic “中国画跟油画不一样“ „Chinese paintings are not the same as oil paintings”. L10
6.Topic “过新年” „Celebration of the Chinese New Year” L10
7.Topic. “我们的队员是从不同国家来的“ „All members of our team are from different countries”. L10
8.Topic. “你看过越剧没有””Have you ever seen Shaoxing opera?” L10
9.Topic “我们爬上长城来了“ „We climb the Great Wall” L10
10.Topic. “你舅妈也开始用电脑了””Your aunt is also started to use a computer”. L10
11.Topics. “司机开着车送我们到医院“ „The driver brought us to the hospital by car”. L10
12.Topic. “你快要成“中国通”了“ „He wants to be an expert of China”. L12
Review of all materials and preparation for the examination. L6

Requirements for obtaining credit points
 Students' assessment includes:


- active work at the lectures (20%),

- tests (30%),

- final examination: a)written part (25%); b)oral part (25%).

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