Course code Valo1958
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 16 16 48
E-courses Valo1958: Levantine Arabic I
Course annotation The aim of this course is to give the students the most basic knowledge of Levantine Arabic. The objectives of this course are: 1) to introduce the students to the specific features of Levantine Arabic and its divergence from Modern Standard Arabic; 2) To teach to the students the basics of phonetics of Levantine Arabic; 3) to teach the basic grammatical structures of Levantine Arabic; 4) to teach the most necessary words and expressions in Levantine Arabic (at least 400 words).

Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results After completion of the course, the student should be able to: 1) understand simple dialogues in Levantine Arabic and explain the main idea; 2) form simple phrases and sentences in Levantine Arabic; 3) pronounce correctly the vowels and consonants of Levantine Arabic; 4) recognize and use appropriately some basic grammatical categories of Levantine Arabic; 5) recognize and write down familiar words in Levantine Arabic.
Course plan 1.Arabic dialects, their usage and systematic divergence from MSA. The variations and usage of Levantine Arabic. The phonetics and transcription of Levantine Arabic; recognition of written words. 2(L)
2.The basics of grammar of Levantine Arabic. 2(L)
3.Greetings, meeting people, requests and exchanging pleasantries// courtesy expressions 4(L) 4(P)
4.Travel, transportation and getting around. Finding places //orientation// in a city. 2(L) 2(P)
5.Numbers and money. Calendar. Telling the time. 4 (L) 4 (P)
6.Family 2(L) 2(P)
7.Revision: Listening and speaking 4(P)
Requirements for obtaining credit points Regular attendance and participation in discussions. Homework and quizzes. (50%)
Combined - oral and written examination at the completion of the course (50%)
Study programmes Asian Studies