Course code Valo1932
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 30 98 192
E-courses Valo1932: Korean I
Course annotation During the semester, students learn Hangeul, the writing system used in Korea and basic grammar. The students acquire both theoretical knowledge and participate in practical tasks that develop the basic skills of conversing in Korean. The students learn how to use the main cases of the Korean language, how to construct sentences in present and past tenses, and how to apply basic postpositions according to situations. Upon completing the course, the students will be able to formulate, understand and write simple sentences, as well as introduce themselves in Korean.

Results Upon successful completion of this course, the students
-are able to use (read and write) the writing system of Korea Hanguel;
-demonstrate an understanding of the grammatical structure of simple and complex sentences;
-have developed basic vocabulary;
-are able to maintain a simple conversation, to correctly apply elementary grammatical forms and idiomatic phrases of day-to-day language.
-is capable of reading, understanding and writing simple texts, such as postcard-greetings, SMS messages and emails or diary notes.
Course plan 1. An introduction to writing system: phonetics of Korean language, the creation of Hangeul. 4(L) 6(P)
2. Composing a sentence and a question 4(L) 4(P)
3. Determinative nouns 2(L) 6(P)
4. Basic numbers 4(L) 4(P)
5. Postpositions (Subjective and predicative) 2(L) 10(P)
6. The structure of sentence and the order of words in a sentence 2(L) 10(P)
7. Words for conjunction 2(L) 10(P)
8. Groups of verbs, tenses and the degree of usage 2(L) 10(P)
9. The construction of the most formal degree 2(L) 10(P)
10. Types and tenses of adjectives 2(L) 10(P)
11. The usage of irregular verbs 2(L) 8(P)
12. The composition of complex sentences 2(L) 10(P)

Requirements for obtaining credit points Regular Attendance (minimum 75%)
Active work at class (30% of the final mark)
Regular tests (30% of the final mark)
Written and oral exam (40% of the final mark)
Study programmes Asian Studies