Course code Valo1845
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
Course annotation
This course is designed for non-native speakers who are interested in learning about Indonesian language and have successfully finished the previous course "Indonesian language I" or "Indonesian language and Culture I". Students will develop second stage of elementary level (A2) of reading and writing skills. Basic grammar required for 2nd level „A” will be continued. The course will equally focus on listening , speaking , reading and writing throughout the semester. Students will also gain fundamentals of the Indonesian sentence structures.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
By the end of the course students will be able to:
•participate in simple conversations (Level A2), know daily expressions, and will understand simple dialogues in day-to-day context.
•develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Indonesian Language;
•have and use a basic Indonesian vocabulary range;
•construct knowledge of Indonesian grammar;
Course plan
1.Unit 1. Suffix -kan2 L
2.Unit 1. Suffix -kan & creation of transitive verbs2L
3.Unit 1. Suffix -kan & creation of causative verbs2L
4.Unit 1. Suffix -kan & links with indirect object2L
5.Unit 1. Suffix -kan & indirect object2L
6.Dialogue: Tentang cuaca.2L
7.Kata-kata tentang cuaca2L
8.Review of Unit 1.2L
9.Unit 2. The suffix –i.2L
10.Unit 2. The difference between the suffix –i and -kan2L
11.Unit 2. The change of intransitive words into transitive. Suffix –i substitution for prepositions di-, pada, akan, ke-, kepada.2L
12.Unit 2. Creation of the causative verbs by suffix –I; denotion of repetition, multiplicity, intensity of an action. 2L
13.Unit 2. Dialogue: Pergi berbelanja I2L
14.Unit 2. Kamus belanja2L
15.Artikel dari surat kabar2L
16.Review of Unit 2 2L
17.Unit 3. Passive voice and the inseparable form. Agent and patient of an action.2L
18.Unit 3. Loss of prefix me-. Reduction of aku and engkau into inseparable form.2L
19.Unit 3. Dialogue: Pergi berbelanja II2L
20.Unit 3. Pantun Indonesia 2L
21.Unit 3. Kamus pantun dll2L
22.Review of Unit 3.2L
23.Unit 4. The passive prefixes ter- and confix ke- -an2L
24.Unit 4. Pergi berbelanja III2L
25.Unit 4. Kamus belanja2L
26.Unit 4. Surat dinas 2L
27.Review of Unit 4.2
28.Unit 5. The prefix per-2
29.Unit 5. Pelancongan. Pergi ke Mendut dan Borobudur.2
30.Unit 5. Kantor pos2
31.Unit 5. Kutipan dari sandiwara “Taufan diatas Asia” karangan El Hakim2
32.Review of Unit 5.2
Requirements for obtaining credit points
Students’ assessment includes:
- 2 tests (50%),
- everyday control of words (10%)
- written examination (40%),
Study programmes Asian Studies