Course code Valo1480
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 32 48
Course annotation The aim of the course is to develop students' conversational skills in German and skills based on a work with interesting, topical and authentic texts, learn the topic of oral presentation skills, as well as differentiated use language (debate, discussion, lecture, profile, report, narrative) learned basic communication strategies with special emphasis on oral and written speeches for further development.
Course objectives:
1) to insight a different types and complexity of the text, acquire knowledge, developed skills and know-how, ability to obtain the same information, or to address general and specific competencies development;
2) learn a new vocabulary in German, with special emphasis on the word polysemy, synonyms, phraseological, thereby enriching students' vocabulary and strengthening the knowledge acquired vocabulary for use in different life situations;
3) to encourage the students during the course of learning to operate with different types of dictionaries.
Results Having successful completed the course, students will be able to demonstrate:
Academic competence:
1. deepen knowledge of the German oral use in different situations;
2. will develop oral communication skills in German, it will be able to practice, in different communicative situations;
Professional competence:
1. enrich their vocabulary in German and will be able to use it in different life situations, creatively and flexibly applied by changing the situation;
2. will be able to work with the German version of rational choice of appropriate vocabulary, depending on the task of installing the target, and they will be able to effectively use it.
Course plan 1.1.theme: Profession. A job advertisement. S 2
2. A letter of motivation, CV. Reportage: "Berufsportraet “. S 2
3. Comment: "Faulenzerkleidung”. S 2
4. 2.theme: Love. Journalism text: "Signal der Liebe". S 2
5. Psychological tests: "Bist du eine Klett?" Readers'letter: "Kosenamen”. S 2
6. Literary text A. Šniclers: "Halb zwei" Test (1). S 2
7. 3.theme: Management. Comment: Depending on your computer. S 2
8. New media and illiteracy. Newspaper article. S 2
9. Autobiography. J.Ph. Reemtsma "Im Keller" S 2
10. 4.theme: healthy lifestyle. "Pragmatic": "Ess-Typen”. S 2
11. Interview: Wellness. S 2
12. Popular-science article: Das Stress-Paradox. Test (2). S 2
13. 5.theme: Mobility. Progress and business. S 2
14. Reportage: "Zeitreise mit dem Kaefer”. S 2
15. An article on business topics: Navigationsgeraete. S 2
16. Repetition of the substance seized at the semester. Preparing for the exam. S 2

Requirements for obtaining credit points Seminars and practical work attendance is compulsory. Course attendance and active work sessions (25%), written two successful test (25%) successfully passed the oral exam (50%).
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