Course code Valo1462
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
10 15 160 90 70 240
E-courses Valo1462: Turkish I
Course annotation

This course is designed for students who do not have any previous knowledge of the Turkish language and who have enrolled in the Turkish module of the Asian studies BA program. The course will help to acquire reading, writing, listening  skills, and to develop the basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, as well as sound patterns of the Turkish language 

By the end of the course, the students will be able to recognize and use basic phrases and daily expressions (such as greetings, showing directions, shopping), to understand and produce basic day-to-day language on familiar topics (family, hobbies), to recognize and use basic grammatical structures (present progressive tense, past simple tense ), to understand and use basic Turkish language vocabulary. They will  know the Turkish language phonetics and  achieve A1 level of competency outlined in the Common European Framework of References for Language.

Course plan 1.Introduction of the course; Greetings: Merhaba! Hello! The alphabet, vowel harmony, personal pronouns, word order (Subject + Object +Verb). 8L 4S
2.Countries, Nationalities, Languages. Adjective forming (lı), cardinal numbers (1-100). 10L 4S
3.Yes and no question suffix (mI). What is this? What is there in the classroom? Demonstrative pronouns, plural suffixes, ordinal number (IncI). 10L 4S
4.Days, months. Is there a Turkish language lesson today? There is, there is not, consonant harmony, locative case marker. 8L 4S
5.Professions: What is she? She is my teacher. Copula ‘to be’ (positive, negative ‘değil’), adjectives. 10L 4S
6.Daily activities: What are you doing? I am reading. Present progressive tense (positive & negative statements and questions). 10L, 4S
7.Address: Asking one’s address and giving directions: Where does the bus stop? Definite, indefinite and chain genitive construction. 6L 4S
8.Date and time: What time is it? Dative / ablative case marker Gerund, postposition (before & after). 8L 4S
9.Family and relatives. Possessive suffix, (Im, sIn). 2L 4S
10.Holidays: How was your holiday? Where did you go? Definite past tense (positive & negative and questions), conjunction ‘with’. 4S
11.Foods: Afiyet olsun! Bon appetit! Tradational foods and cooking. Recipe. Imparative & optative mood, derived adjectives (lık & sız). 4L 4S
12.Body & Health. Necessitative (positive & negative ‘malı, meli’). 4L 4S
13.Shopping: Excuse me! How much does an apple cost? Accusative case marker, adjective intensification.
4L 4S
14.Special occasions: birthdays, bayrams, invitations. Copular sentence (The story mode). 2L 6S
15.Hobies and Sports. Present progressive tense (The story mode). 2L 4S
16.Travel: Geography, purchasing tickets. 2L 4S
17.Review of all the grammar material during the semester. 4S

Requirements for obtaining credit points Requirements for awarding credit points:
2 written tests (40%)
1 oral presentation (10%)
Final examination:
Written examination test (25%)
Oral examination (25%)

Study programmes Asian Studies