Course code Valo1432
Faculty Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Business, Management and Economics
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
E-courses Valo1432: Basics of Chinese Writing
Course annotation
The course offers an introduction to the basics of Chinese writing - its historical development and rules. Throughout the course the emphasis is laid on learning the skills of writing Chinese characters, including all of the 214 radicals (bushou). Both simplified (PRC, Singapore) and classical forms of characters (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao) are taught.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
At the end of the course  students acquires basic Chinese writing skills, enabling them to use dictionaries.

Course plan
1. Chinese language and writing. L4

2. Basic graphical strokes. Rules of character writing. L4

3.Introduction to 214 radicals bushou 部首.  L4

4. 214 radicals L40

5. History of Chinese writing and calligraphy styles: jiaguwen 甲骨文, jinwen 金文, dazhuan 大篆 un xiaozhuan 小篆, lishu 隸書, kaishu 楷書, xingshu 行書 un caoshu 草書. Structure of Chinese characters - Xu Shen's 許慎 "six writing categories" liushu 六書 and their analyses. L12


Requirements for obtaining credit points
1. Regular attendance, no less that 75% of total amount of lectures.

2. Regular homework.

3. Regular tests. Total amount of tests - 10, which comprise 50% of the final grade, each comprising 5 % of the final grade.

4. Written final exam, comprising 50% of the final grade.
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