Course code Valo1430
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 24 8 48
E-courses Valo1430: Basics of Translation Theory
Course annotation This course is one of the essential BSP courses.
The aim of the course is to give an insight into translation theory, focusing on such aspects as translation theory role and essence; translation as process and product; text types and translation types, selection of appropriate translation strategy; interpreting, its types and particularities. The course makes an emphasis on the interaction of translation theory and practice.
Course responsible lecturer Svetlana Koroļova
Results The acquired academic competence: ability to identify the basic concepts of translation theory.

The acquired professional competence: ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practice, by making translation analysis and assessment, as well as while performing one’s own translations of various text types.
Course plan 1.Introduction to the study course, its scientific and methodological grounds. The concept, essence and role of translation theory.2 L
2.Translation process and product.2 L
3.Rendering linguistic meaning in translation.2 L
4.The grammar aspects of translation; types of grammar transformations.2 L
5.Pragmatic aspects of translation; word choice and context. The role of cultural context in translation.2 L
6.Translation and text types: introduction.2 L
7.Survey of various text types translation strategies.2 L
8.Translation quality assessment: approaches and solutions.2 L
9.Compliance to translation norms. Stylistic aspects of translation.2 L
10.Survey of translation theory development history.2 L
11.Interpreting: theory insight.2 L
12.Translator’s role in translation process. Translators’ labour market. The current situation in Latvian translation. Translators’ training.2 L
13.Presentations of course projects.6S
14.Summary of the course.2 S
Requirements for obtaining credit points Course attendance is mandatory. The mark consists of intermediate test (60% course project - analysis of translation) and the final written examination (40%).
Study programmes Asian Studies
English Philology
Modern Language and Business Studies