Course code Valo1348
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
6 9 96 96 144
E-courses Valo1348: Japanese Language II
Course annotation This course is a continuation of elementary Japanese course "Japanese language I". The course is divided in two parts - grammar and communication (one class per week to study new gramatical forms and two classes per week - to practice new gramatical forms). The main attention in this course will be paid to developing student' s speaking and listening skills. During this course student will learn to participate in and maintain a simple conversation using basig grammar forms.

Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results By the end of the course student will understand basic grammar forms. Student also will be able to participate and to maintain simple conversations, correctly using basic grammar forms and constructions of conversation. The target level is A1 of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Course plan 1.9.nod.: „Kabuki” (1)(2)(3) 6(L)
2.10.nod.: „Winter Vacation Plans” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
3.11.nod.: „After the Vacation” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
4.11.nod.: „After the Vacation”. Review. (4) (5) (6)6(L)
5.12.nod.: „Feeling Ill” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
6.12.nod.: „Feeling Il”. Review. (4) (5) (6)6(L)
7.13.nod.: „Looking for a Part-time job” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
8.13.nod.: „Looking for a Part-time job". Review. (4) (5) (6)6(L)
9.14.nod.: „Valentine' s day” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
10.14.nod.: „Valentine' s day”.Review. (4)(5) (6) 6(L)
11.15.nod.: ”A Trip to Nagano” (1) (2) (3) 6(L)
12.15.nod.: „A Trip to Nagano”. Review. (4)(5) (6) 6(L)
13.16.nod.: „Lost and Found” (1) (2) (3)6(L)
14.16.nod.: „Lost and Found”. Review. (4) (5) (6)6(L)
15.17.nod.: „Grumble and Gossip” (1) (2) (3) 6(L)
16.17.nod.: „Grumble and Gossip”. Review. (4)(5) (6) 6(L)

Requirements for obtaining credit points Regular submission of homework (15%)
Completition of tasks during a class (15%)
Oral examination (20%)
Final (written) exam (50%)
Study programmes Asian Studies