Course code Valo1298
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of seminars and practical work hours
4 6 64 64
E-courses Valo1298: Latin
Course annotation .The course offers the students to acquire the Latin language (its phonetic, morphological and syntactic system) to the extent that enables the students to translate text fragments from Latin poetry and prose. The acquisition of Latin grammar issues is accompanied by the acquisition of a substantial word stock. The course offers reading and translation of texts that develops skills for further work with Latin poetry and prose originals. The chosen texts add much to students' knowledge and understanding of the ancient culture values.
Results 1.Students master Latin to the level that enables them to read and translate Latin texts with the help of the dictionary.
2.Text readings develop skills for further work with texts in the original.
3.The chosen texts supplement students’ knowledge about the ancient culture.
Course plan 1.Latin alphabet. Classical and traditional pronunciation. Accentuation of words. Reading exercises.S2
2.Latin noun - nomen substantivum primae declinationis, Latin verb - infinitivus praesentis verborum; indicativus praesentis activi; imperativus. Text reading and translation.S2
3.Review of Latin prepositions. Text reading and translation.S2
4.Latin noun - nomen substantivum secundae declinationis. Latin adjective - adiectivum primae/secundae declinationis.
Latin pronoun – pronomina possessiva. Text reading and translation.S4
5Latin verb – imperfectum et futurum primum indicativi activi. Text reading and translation.S2
6.Latin noun - nomen substantivum tertiae declinationis. Text reading and translation.S4
7.Latin adjective - adiectivum tertiae declinationis. Text reading and translation. S2
8.Latin verb in the passive voice – praesens, imperfectum, futurum primum indicativi passivi. Text reading and translation. S4
9.Latin pronouns - pronomina personalia, demonstrativa, relativa, pronomen reflexivum. Text reading and translation.S2
10.Perfect Tenses Active.Latin noun - nomen substantivum quartae declinationis; nomen substantivum quintae declinationis. Text reading and translation.S2
11.Comparative degrees of Latin adjectives. Comparative sentences. Text reading and translation.S2
12.Perfect Tenses Passive.Latin adverbs – adverbia. Text reading and translation.S2
13.Test 1.S2
14.Latin participles – participium praesentis activi, perfecti passivi, futuri activi. Text reading and translation.S4
15.Gerundium et gerundivum. Text reading and translation.S4
16.Verba deponentia. Text reading and translation.S2
17.Verba anomala. Text reading and translation.S2
18.Latin infinitive and its use in the sentence – construction accusativus cum infinitivo. Text reading and translation.S4
19.Construction nominativus cum infinitivo.Text reading and translation.S4

20.Constructions ablativus absolūtus, participium coniunctum. Text reading and translation. S4
21.Constructions coniugatio periphrastica activa/passiva. Text reading and translation. S4
22.Latin coniunctivus. The formation of the tempora coniunctivi.S2
23.Test 2.S2

Requirements for obtaining credit points 1. Mid-term tasks - positive results in two tests /60%/;
2. Final task - positive results in the final exam – 1) translation of a text with the help of the dictionary and grammatical analysis of a Latin text /40%/.
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Classical Philology