Course code Valo1297
Faculty Vice Rector for Studies, Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 64 96
E-courses 2VAL1713: Lithuanian Language I
Course annotation The course comprises practical and theoretical grounds of basic Lithuanian, gives an opportunity to analyse texts and to get acquainted with Lithuanian culture. The main tasks are following:
1. to introduce students to phonetics and grammar of Lithuanian, help mastering vocabulary and acquiring basic conversation skills;
2. to prepare students for unassisted reading and translation of Lithuanian texts.
Results 1) During theoretical lectures and practical classes the basics of Lithuanian grammar are systematized and mastered;
2) During the practical classes Lithuanian colloquial language basics are consolidated, students’ communication opportunities expanded;
3) Skills of independent reading and translation of Lithuanian texts are mastered.
Course plan 1. Basics of the Lithuanian language orthography and pronunciation.
Conversational topic: Interchange of greetings, farewells. 4 P
2. Pronoun. Verb. Indicative mood: present, past, future.
Conversational topic: Getting acquainted. 8 P
3. Noun. Declinations from the historical perspective. Grammar test.
Conversational topic: My family. 4 P
4. Numeral. Verb. Conditional, imperative mood.
Conversational topic: How old are you? 4 P
5. Noun. Genitive and accusative case.
Conversational topic: What am I studying? 4 P
6. Fiction. J. Biliūnas “Kliudžiau”.
Conversational topic: Mastering asking questions. 4 P
7. Adjective. Degrees, definite forms.
Preparing for essay writing (My hobby). 4 P
8. Noun. Locative forms.
Conversational topic: My residence. 4 P
9. Noun and adjective declension differences.
Preparing for essay writing (My family and friends). 4 P
10. Preposition. Frequently used adverbs. Conversational topic: How do I feel today? 4 P
11. Conjunctions. Meanings of suffixes and prefixes. Conversational topic: A letter of greeting. 4 P
12. Review of Lithuanian newspapers and magazines.
Preparing for essay writing (My native country). 6 P
13. Essay presentation. 4 P
14. Grammar course revision. Grammar test. 6 P

Requirements for obtaining credit points Course attendance is mandatory. The mark consists of intermediate tests (60%: 3 essays - 20% translated article - 10%, 2 grammar tests - 30%) and the final oral examination (40%).
Study programmes Free Elective Courses
Baltic Philology