Course code Valo1049
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
8 12 128 128 192
E-courses Valo1049: Chinese I
Course annotation The course is designed to help students to get acquainted with modern Chinese fiction language. Throughout the course students will have to analyse the lexical meanings of the texts, will practice translation from Chinese into Latvian, learn different grammatical structures.The course will help to acquire the basic reading, understanding and translating skills, which will be needed for carrying out work on translation or research in future.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Consequently, the language course helps the students to insight into Chinese culture, thinking and communication. Students are prepared for an opportunity for direct contact with people from China and Taiwan with the help of conversational level of this course

Course plan
1. Topic: 你好!Hello! Greetings. L6
2. Topic: 你忙吗? Are you busy? L10
3. Topic: 他是哪国人? Countries and nationalities. L6
4. Topic. 认识你很高兴 Very glad to meet you. L10
5. Topics: 餐厅在哪儿? Where is a restaurant? L8
6. Topic: 我们去游泳,好吗?Are you going swimming? L10
7. Topic. 您认识不认识他? Do you know him? L10
8. Topic: 你家有几口人? How many people are there in your family? L10
9. Topic: 他今年二十岁 He is 20 years old. L8
10. Topic: 我在这儿买光盘I bought CD here. L10
11. Topic: 我会说一点儿汉语 I can speak Chinese a little bit. L8
12. Topic: 我全身都不舒服 I don’t feel very well. L10
13. Topic: 我认识了一个漂亮的姑娘 I know a very beautiful girl. L10
14.Topic: 祝你圣诞快乐Merry Christmas! L12

Requirements for obtaining credit points
Students' assessment includes:

- active work at the lectures (20%),
- 6 tests, 1 dictation (30%),
- final examination: a)written part (25%); b)oral part (25%).

Study programmes Asian Studies