Course code VadZP000
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
4 6 64 32 32 96
E-courses 2VADP000-PLK-LV: Marketing 2VADP000-NLK: Marketing 2VADP000-NLN: Marketing 2VADP000-PLK-EN: Marketing
Course annotation The aim of the course is to provide knowledge about the essence of marketing and to look at the marketing activities as research of market and customer needs and application of their results in the management of the marketing complex.

Objectives of the course: to learn and understand marketing concepts, to analyze the internal and external marketing of the company, to understand the behavior of the buyers in the market, to market segmentation, to master the processes of managing the elements of the marketing complex.
Course responsible lecturer Andrejs Cekuls

Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the essence and necessity of marketing, the management of elements of the marketing complex, and can independently analyze and evaluate the marketing environment and develop marketing activities of the company, successfully mastering the study course.

1. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the nature of marketing, the marketing process in enterprises and its formation, the marketing environment and its research methodology.
2. Manages the peculiarities of customer behavior in the market of consumer and organization market.
3. Knowledge about market segmentation methods and target markets.
4. To gain an understanding of managing a marketing complex in companies.

5. Collect and collect information, identify tasks and their marketing opportunities. Analyze and evaluate market situation, market segments and target markets.
6. Select marketing strategies appropriate to the market situation.
7. Ability to develop the basis for the company's marketing activities. Students are able to develop the content of the successful marketing process, justify its necessity, directions for their creation and development.
8. Students are able to demonstrate the results of their research, to clearly present and reasonably defend their opinion.

9. Students are able to perfect and develop the marketing complex according to market situation and target audience.
10. Students are able to independently carry out the management of the marketing process.

11. Students are able to independently develop, analyze, compare and objectively evaluate various problems and solutions of marketing.
Course plan
1. The essence of marketing and concepts. L2, S2
2. Marketing process. L2, S2
3. Marketing environment factors. L2, S2
4. Marketing information and marketing research. L2, S2
5. Consumer behavior in the consumer market. L2, S2
6. Buyers in the organization market. L2, S2
7. Target Market Marketing. L4, S4
8. Product as an element of the marketing mix. L4, S4
9. Price as an element of the marketing mix. L4, S4
10. Distribution as an element of the marketing mix. L4, S4
11. Promotion of products as an element of the marketing mix. L4, S4

Total hours 64

Requirements for obtaining credit points
Lecture attendance - obligatory.
Visiting the workshops - obligatory.
1. 1st control work - 15%
2. 2nd control work - 15%
3. Activities in seminars - 20%
4. Independent work - 10%

5. Course test – written examination: test, definitions, opened questions (40%).

Knowledge assessment criteria:
- the level of knowledge acquired during the tests, workshops and independent work is assessed according to the general knowledge assessment criteria in the 10-point system. Critical thinking in the area of ​​knowledge and skills that provides relevant competences is particularly valued; Seminars and practical classes assess activity in discussing problems and the validity of responses and innovative content (skill acquisition level).
The acquisition of the study course at the end of the course is evaluated in the 10-point scale in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No. 141, No.512, No.240 and the University of Latvia Senate on 29.06.2015. decision no. 211, based on the following criteria: the amount and quality of the acquired knowledge; acquired skills; the acquired competence according to the planned study results.
Study programmes Secondary Education Teacher of Economics
E-Business and Logistics Management Systems
Accounting, Analysis and Audit
International Economic Relations
Modern Language and Business Studies