Course code Vēst3226
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 32 48
E-courses Vēst3226: History of China IV (20th Century History of China)
Course annotation The course is dedicated to the development of Chinese state and society from the beginning of the First World War till the end of the 20th century. The course imposes and puts under discussion the most controversial historiographical problems concerning the mentioned period.Participating in seminars students are encouraged to work with historical sources materials and newspapers articles in Chinese.
Course responsible lecturer Jānis Priede
Results During the course students get insight into historical events in the 20th.centuary China, Taiwan and Hongkong. They can also evaluate the significance of this period in the perspective of Chinese history.
Comparing with the 20th.centuary history of other countries students acquire practical skills in intercultural and interregional relations as well as in dimplomacy. In meantime students get to know the most outstanding personalities in politics, literature, science and art. With this knowledge they can understand more deeply the situation and problematics in China and in the world nowadays.
Course plan 1. Political power relations in China after the Xinhai revolution. Military groups: Zhili, Anhui, Dentian. L2
2. China during the First World War. Japan Factor. Southern and Northern government. L2
3. Year 1919 "4th. May" movement. L2
4. Establishment of the Chinese Communist Party. L2
5. Year 1924(5) - 1927. g. Revolution in China. L2
6. Soviet regions in China during 1927 - 1935. L2
7. Chan Kaishi military expedition agains the Central Soviet Region. L2
8. The Long March of the Red Army. Formation of the communist bases in Yan'an. L2
9. Cooperation of Guomindang and Communists during the war of Japan in 1937-1938. L2
10. China-Japan war during 1941-1945. L2
11. Procclamation of the PRC in 1949. L2
12. People's communes and "The Big Leap Forward". L2
13. "Culture Recolution". Years 1966-1976. L2
14. Fight against Lin Biao and Confucious in 1971-1972. L2
15. Death of Mao Zedong in 1976 and defeat of the Gang of Four. L2
16. PRC heading toward economic reforms after the Plenum of the CC in 1978. L2

Requirements for obtaining credit points 1. Preparation of homework, reading historical sources and activity during lectures - 50%
2. Written final examination - 50%

Study programmes Asian Studies