Course code SDSK4010
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 20 12 48
E-courses 2PED4202: British Studies
Course annotation
The course helps students get comprehensive knowledge about the geography, history, culture ,literature and education of Great Britain as well as its political structure, traditions and the education system in its historical and contemporary aspect. The aim of the course is to help students form habits and develop skills of acquiring and analyzing historical and cultural texts, to help students form well-grounded and independent conclusions about historical and cultural phenomena, to promote and develop critical thinking skills.
The objectives of the course are the following-
1) to offer students the possibility of getting acquainted with different spheres of British life, Britain’s cultural history,literature2) to foster active and creative analysis and discussion of historical and cultural events, their consequences and personalities,3) to help them to see historical coherence as well as to notice historical and cultural parallels and consequences,4) to help improve students’ presentation skills.

Results After successfully mastering the course, students will be able to show :
Academic competences:
1. Comprehensive knowledge about the geography, history, culture and education of Great Britain.
2. Students will further improve their general knowledge of English.
3. Students will improve special vocabulary of history, art and culture.
4. Students will develop their critical thinking skills.
Professional competences:
1. Students will develop skills of working with materials - finding, selecting, editing and systematizing.
2. Students will develop skills of public speaking.
3. Students will develop skills of project presentation
4. Students will practice micro-teaching.

Course plan 1.General overview of Great Britain, the geographical location of the British Isles.L2
2. The characterization of the population. The identity problems. Traditions. Holidays.S2
3.The ecology, natural resources of Great Britain. Insight into the economy of the country. L2
4. The political structure of the country.L2
5. The education system. The youth of the country. The youth culture. S2
6. A short overview of the contemporary culture. The Mass Media. Outstanding people in different spheres of modern life.S2
7.Great Britain- the main events and milestones in the process of becoming a nation state.L2
8.A short historical overview of monarchy and parliament and their importance in the development of the country through centuries.L2
9.Five conquests of England and their historical and cultural legacy.S2
10.The medieval culture and its legacy.L2
11. The Renaissance in England, its most prominent exponents.L2
12.The birth, growth and collapse of the British Empire. L2
13.Victorian Britain.L2
14.A short profile of the 20th century Britain. Modernism.L2
15.The greatest cultural achievements throughout centuries and their heritage S2
16.The presentation, defence, analysis and evaluation of term projects.P2

Requirements for obtaining credit points
Compulsory attendance of lectures and seminars.
During the term 5 seminars and 1 practical class are planned.
Students will be asked to do regular home tasks – to find additional material on the current theme and to find answers to problem questions.
Students are to take an active part in discussions and talks.
Students are to prepare a material portfolio.
Mid-term assessment is made up from:
A mark for seminars and material portfolio 25%
Test - written 25%
The final exam mark is made up of:
1) Project presentation 20% (oral)
2) Final term exam-test (written) 30%

Study programmes Basic Education Teacher of English