Course code SDSK2032
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, Faculty of Chemistry
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of lecture hours Number of seminars and practical work hours Number of student independent work hours
1 1.5 16 12 4 24
E-courses 2SDS2032: Civil Protection
Course annotation The aim of the course is to introduce students in the basic approaches of civil protection, to clarify the main task of it and legal regulation, to provide information on disasters, their division and types, disaster management, the state early warning system, to intoduce students in the normative acts of the Republic of Latvia, to familiarize studnts with basic skills of first aid, and be able to use its.
Results Knowledge:
1. Student will know the legal framework for ensuring the national civil defense system, the tasks of the state civil protection structure, municipal institutions and businessmen in civil protection, citizens' rights and obligations in civil protection.
2. Understand the potential catastrophes in the country and their consequences, know prevention, response, disaster recovery and disaster recovery measures.
3. Understand the operational principles of the national early warning system and the organization of emergency escape events in disasters.
4. Known issues of high-hazard objects, national material reserves, civil defense buildings.
5. Knows the principles of the transport of dangerous goods.
6. Student will know the principles of Latvian disaster medicine system and its involvement. Know the basics of radiation safety.

7. Student will be able to adequately handle disasters and emergencies. Student will be able to provide first aid in case of accidents.

8. Student will be able to make the right decisions in case of disasters and emergencies.
9. Student will be able to cooperate with the responsible services in the event of disasters.

10. Student will be able to provide first aid in case of accidents.
Course plan No. Theme Lesson type L, S, P, Lw Estimated volume in hours
1. National Civil Protection System and its Legal Framework. L. 2 hours.
2. Possible Disasters in the Country. Types of Terrorism and Methods. Disaster Management. L. 2 hours.
3. National Early Warning System. National Material Reserves. Civil Defense Protection Structures. Transportation of Dangerous Goods. L. 2 hours.
4. Latvian Disaster Medicine System. L. 2 hours.
5. Basics of Radiation Security. Civil Defense Preparedness and Action in Radiation Accidents. L. 2 hours.
6. First aid. L. 2 hours.
7. Practical Delivery of First Aid. S. 2 hours.

8. National Civil Protection System and Disaster Management. S. 2 hours.

Requirements for obtaining credit points Visit lectures and seminars 30%
1st intermediate test (in writing - test on civil protection system and disaster management): 25%
2nd intermediate test (in writing- test on disaster medicine, radiation safety and first aid): 25%

Test in the end of the course:
test (in writing) about the course material: 50%

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Preschool Teacher
Teacher of Physical Education
Teacher of Handicraft and Technologies, Home Economics
Teacher of Natural Sciences and Information Technology
Teacher of Primary School Education
Special Education Teacher and Teacher SpeechTherapist
Teacher of Informatics and Programming
Teacher of the English Language
Social Pedagogue
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