Course code SDSK1088
Faculty Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art
Credit points, number of lectures
Credit points ECTS Credit points Total number of auditorium hours Number of student independent work hours
2 3 32 48
E-courses SDSK1088: Computer Tehnologies in Design Specialities
Course annotation The goal of the study course is to offer students from design specialities an opportunity to acquire computer technology knowledge and skills needed in their profession. The course offers opportunity for the students to to become acquainted with history and construction of computer technologies, acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills about the most common operating systems use specificity, functions and administration. Operating system operations, management principles and techniques are considered along with specific issues of Internet usage. Students in this course have an opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical skills in use of office software for paper development and processing as well as an insight in the basic raster and vector graphic. Within the framework of this course the specification of most common peripheral devices for designing is also dealt with.
Results After successful completion of this course students would have developed professional skills in 1) installation, configuration and administration of operating systems and 2) specification of a computer used in designing; and academic skills in 1) development and processing of a course paper and 2) basics of computer graphics theories. Students will be able to choose an appropriate computer technologies for specific professional requirements and perform their maintenance and adjustment for user needs.

Course plan 1. Development of computer technology (2Ld)
2. Hardware (2Ld)
3. The logic of software, file systems and data storage devices (2Ld)
4. Operating system and software (2Ld)
5. Installation of an operating system (2Ld)
6. Adjustment of operating system and set of software of a user (2Ld)
7. Use of Internet services (2Ld)
8. Research paper development and processing (4Ld)
9. Production of a presentation (2Ld)
10. Working with a spreadsheet application (4Ld)
11. Raster graphics (2Ld)
12. Vector graphics (2Ld)
13. Specific peripheral devices for designers (2Ld)
14. Computer service and ergonomics (2Ld)

Requirements for obtaining credit points Credit points and grade (up to 10 points) are assigned after fulfillment of following requirements:
1. Successful completion of 10 intermediate assignments (up to 50% of total score)
2. Successful completion of a study research and preparation of a course paper (up to 30% of total score)
3. Successful completion of final oral examination (up to 20% of total score)
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